How to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad in 2022

Tired of wasting money and time on ads no one sees or clicks? Here’s how to create successful Facebook ads that actually work.

Finding ripe tropical fruits can be quite a challenge. You might try a Mango only to find that it’s chewy and has no taste. However, if you pick out a ripe one, you can enjoy the taste of a lifetime.

This also applies to social media advertising, particularly Facebook and Instagram. On one hand, you can spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and still don’t get any results. On the other hand, you can spend as much as a cup of coffee and reach thousands of people and generate sales.

Facebook ads are more about execution, more about running ads, not just creating them. Today boosting your posts is just a click away, but the question is do you get low-cost consistent results from those boosted reels?

Running an effective ad campaign that actually delivers results requires expertise, rapid experimentation, and a huge amount of time. But where should you start?

1. Introduce Your Customer to the Facebook’s Algorithm

There are roughly 3.5 billion people on Facebook — more than the population of China and India combined. So when running ads on such a huge platform you must be extra careful about who exactly you want to show your ads. Since you don’t want to be billed for campaigns that random users interact with. The journey to creating your perfect Facebook ad starts with defining who is your target audience? Who are you serving? Who is most likely to purchase your product or hire your service? Get a paper and pen, imagine your favorite customer and write down details like age, gender, interest, and certain behaviors of that person. This will help you to know exactly what to do in the next step.

After creating a campaign in Facebook’s ad manager, you can set up the detailed targeting option at the ad set level. You choose a specific age, location, and add as many relevant interests as necessary to create your own audience. A custom audience option is also at your disposal to target people who already visited your website, engaged with your posts, or bought something from you. Don’t forget Lookalike audiences. Using this option, you can target people similar to those who signed up for your newsletter, added a product to the cart, or engaged with your content.

Although setting up the right targeting option can be time-consuming, it’ll help you to increase your chance to reach your ideal customer and show your ads to users who convert.

2. Diversity Is the King

Not only in organic marketing but also in paid media absolutely content is the king. Creative assets can make or break your campaign. However, spending your time perfecting that one image or video doesn’t necessarily guarantee the effectiveness of your campaign.

In paid media (i.e., social media advertising), having different variations of creatives is more important than having only one version of the content.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to spend the whole month recording five videos on different topics. You just need to focus on one key message (e.g., explaining a few reasons why people should use your product/service) and then tell your story using different formats of content. You can say the same message using an image, carousel, doodle animation, selfie video, or any other creative solution. Messaging here is the same, but the means we communicate should be different. Since every person responds to different kinds of content.

Designing a diverse set of variations of creative assets will help you to reach more people and convert more viewers to paid customers.

3. Tweak and Tune-up

You created a customer profile, spent hours figuring out targeting options on Facebook, and designed 5–10 variations of creative assets. Now it’s time to hit the publish button, relax and watch your business grow.

But… Where’s the “optimization”? (remember Wendy’s 1984 commercial?)

Choosing the best targeting option, and creating different variations of your creatives can set your campaign for success, but after a few days, the high-performance campaign can become a spendthrift.

Looking at the data and then making changes to your campaign accordingly will help you to make sure your ads convert without costing you a fortune.

For example, after a few days of launching your campaign, you can start reviewing the performance to see which placement is delivering the most result. For your ads, the Facebook feed might get the most sales at a low cost, and Instagram placements deliver the least sales at a ridiculous cost per result. So you can edit the ad set and exclude the Instagram placement in your campaign, essentially telling Facebook’s algorithm to not show the ads were in those places. As a result, you save money and keep the performance high.

But placement is only one tiny part of a Facebook ad campaign that you need to go through at least weekly to keep your campaign successful while cost-efficient.

But, Is There Any Easier Way?

From setting up targeting options to optimization, running a successful and cost-efficient social media ad campaign is time demanding, even if you’re a Facebook ad expert. So as a startup founder, creator, or local business owner you either need to hire a marketer and designer to make sure you get results from your ads or start learning marketing yourself.

LaunchPad Marketing is going to change that.

It’s a platform that lets you create Facebook ad campaigns in a few clicks and grow your business on autopilot.

LaunchPad Marketing enables you to run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that actually work while saving you money and time.

Using LaunchPad Marketing you do not need to hire marketers, designers, or expensive ad agencies. Just enter some information about the business and LaunchPad Marketing will take care of the rest. It’ll set up targeting options, design unlimited variations of creative assets, and optimize your campaign on a 24/7 basis. So you don’t spend a dime on ads that no one clicks or sees.

Grow your business in days, not years.

Sign up at Launch-Pad.Marketing to be among the first to try out LaunchPad Marketing!



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