The Non-Marketer’s Guide To Run Facebook Ads

Got 5 minutes? This is the must-read guide on Facebook ads (for non-marketers).

The Non-Marketer’s Guide To Run Facebook Ads
The Non-Marketer’s Guide To Run Facebook Ads

As a digital marketer, I worked with numerous startups, local businesses, and creators and kept hearing one specific statement over and over again: “I don’t have the budget to hire marketers, because I don’t have enough cash flow, and I don’t have the revenue because I’m not doing marketing.” This is what some refer to as the vicious marketing cycle. But you don’t have to hire marketers to reach your customer, you can do it yourself! It’s not rocket science after all.

There’s an abundance of free marketing courses, blogs, videos, and other ways to learn marketing. Thanks to Canva and other tools, posting on social media is just a few clicks away.

But why do 65% of businesses (and 90% of startups) still fail?

There are literally billions of people on social media, spending most of their time on their phones. So, why do businesses fall short in trying to reach their customers and get sales? On the other side, why are marketing openings rapidly growing among big businesses and scale-up companies? What do these successful businesses know that many others miss?

In marketing, half of the work begins after you publish the content. In other words, creating the content is only 50% of the job. When you hit the post button on Facebook or Instagram, that’s what we call organic marketing. Generally speaking, organic marketing is in decline, so only people who already follow you will engage with your content. Don’t get me wrong, non-followers might also see it, but there’s a very low chance that they’ll interact with your content. Posting only organically, essentially kills your chance to rapidly grow your business.

Here’s the solution that big businesses figured out: they combine organic marketing with so-called paid marketing (i.e., social media advertising).

They create content and then use social media like Facebook and Instagram to run ads. By doing so, they reach people who are highly likely to make a purchase and become lifelong customers.

About now, you are probably thinking to yourself: “Wait a second, those are big businesses that have the means to pour millions of dollars into their campaigns. How can I compete with them?” The answer is quite simple, you need to know the nitty-gritty of Facebook ads to have a widely popular campaign without “breaking the bank”. You can reach thousands of potential customers per month by spending as little as a meal at a restaurant, driving sales and traffic.

But again, there comes the vicious marketing cycle. Either way, you need to hire marketers or learn about marketing strategies. But for many, these alternatives are just not affordable or convenient. So, how do you get started with Facebook ads?

Around six months ago, I managed an ad campaign for a startup. While working on it, I whispered to myself “this is utterly boring… these things can be easily automated”. Immediately after, I had a light-bulb moment, “What if we could run ads and grow businesses on autopilot?”

I started thinking about a platform that lets you run cost-efficient and successful Facebook ads on autopilot. This idea turned into a company today known as LaunchPad Marketing.

Shortly after, my friends, Teet, a pragmatic software engineer, and Max, an outstanding businessman, lawyer & financial expert joined the team — we gathered to make social media advertising accessible for everyone.

Using LaunchPad Marketing you don’t need to have any marketing experience or hire marketers to run Facebook ads. Just head to Launch-Pad.Marketing, sign up, enter some information about your business, and… that’s it! LaunchPad Marketing will take care of everything else.

You don’t even have to create content for ads, we do it for you. So you can focus on the things that you are most passionate about.

Reaching new customers and boosting revenue has never been easier. Don’t wait years to grow your business, do it in days — grow on autopilot!

Sign up at Launch-Pad.Marketing 🔥🚀



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