The Co-FoundWhore

The one place you think that you would never get your heart broken is in business right?! F&%K!ing wrong!


There are whores everywhere! Whore-whores, man-whores and introducing the co-found whore (who will be referred to from now on as CFW). This individual comes in all different sizes, shapes, ages and ethnicities. They have a dream and passion and leave you eating up their every word. They convince you that they are indeed the right person to partner with, and you excitedly make him/her your co-founder to get your idea off the ground. Only they didn’t tell you that you aren’t the only one they are building an idea with, and you are in fact the 16th partnership they sealed TODAY! Okay I’m being extreme but you get the point.

Siri is a Savage!

The co-found whore is a distant relative of the serial entrepreneur (SE)and has aspirations to become his close cousin. However the CFW does not share the critical traits of an SE which are time management, motivation to scale and knowing when to fold. No, no, the co found-whore is working on multiple startups all at once which can be a dangerous predicament for both him and the founders who he/she is being unfaithful to.

Entrepreneurs! When looking for a co-founder the following are some questions you should ask your potential profit-mate:

  1. Will this be your primary business activity?
  2. If not, what else are you working on and how far along are you currently?
  3. If I agree to share, how many hours per week can you dedicate to our project?
  4. Have you had failed ideas before,how many and what caused it to fail?

Just like dating for a potential life partner, you need to treat your business life the same and try your best to make the right choice. Be aware and be alert because let’s be honest these ‘whores’ ain’t loyal!

Look for Loyalty in business?!
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