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Series A Academy: 5 Key Takeaways

Series A Academy brings together investors and industry leaders for a series of online events to answer your questions live. For founders — this is a chance to get all fundraising-related questions answered.

We’ve summarised the top 5 takeaways from the first 3 editions with Enis Hulli, General Partner at 500 Startups Istanbul, Oliver Holle, Managing Partner at Speedinvest, and Carlos E. Espinal, Managing Partner at Seedcamp.

#1 For Series A, startups need an established, scalable go-to-market strategy and fast growth

For the pre-seed and seed rounds, founders must show that they built a great team and can offer a product that is better than what the competition is offering — and at the caliber expected by customers at the global scale.

#2 Improve your pitching by paying attention to the way you present your product and connecting to the investor ecosystem

Among the many tips for improving your pitch deck shared by Oliver the first two focus on successfully presenting your product and connecting to the investor’s ecosystem.

#3 Investors are also looking for data metrics built around the momentum

When it comes to the metrics preferred by investors, Oliver advised founders to add KPIs and unit economics, which show the company’s current performance, rather than focusing on future growth alone.

#4 US VCs are turning their attention to the European startup ecosystem

Carlos shared that US VCs are increasingly looking at the European startup ecosystem for potential investment. There are various reasons for this shift.

#5 In contrast to the US, European startups should be shooting for more stability and less risk



Early-stage VC actively investing in Central and Southeastern European (SEE&CEE) tech startups in Seed and Series A stages.

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