The story of how smart tech and multi-discipline teams made Ecommerce work for an Outdoor Living brand.

Caroline Posey stands astride two worlds: brand and e-commerce, and she doesn’t mind at all. She loves inhabiting her quirky position at parent company WC Bradley Co. that stretches across three name-brand outdoor living product lines: Char-Broil®, SABER® grills, and Oklahoma Joe’s®.

No one sells more gas grills in the United States than Char-Broil.

A day in the life of a swiss army knife

By Kelly Strawinski and Staci Hardy

Editor’s Note: In the following blog post, our video production lead and storyteller discuss how to safely create video content and other visual alternatives.

Photo by Melyna Valle on Unsplash

The pandemic has paused our usual activities, but it hasn’t stopped our creativity. Safety is key right now, but you don’t have to compromise the production of great content. There is a way to keep your team safe and visually engage your audience — creating video content. Whether the goal is to reach a broad audience or facilitate internal communications, video content has proven time and again to be highly…

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No one wants to be ignored; we all want to be seen. This is especially the case for multicultural audiences. The majority white population is declining as the U.S. rapidly becomes more diverse. Around 4 in 10 Americans identify as a race or ethnicity other than white.¹ Brands can’t afford to bypass, or worse, unknowingly reject this audience. Reaching multicultural audiences in the right way is what makes the difference, but how should you do it?

Recently on SpeedBumps Live!, we heard from two incredible multicultural marketing leaders. Both guests spoke about effectively using marketing to represent and speak to…

Focus on what your customers need and pivot towards a solution

Photo by Eriksson Luo on Unsplash

When the global pandemic plagued our plans for 2020, a whirlwind of what now’s flooded our minds. Many businesses experienced shutdowns, while others did everything they could to stay afloat or even thrive.

As marketers, we are all too familiar with the concept of adapting to change. With an ever-evolving digital landscape, we know the stakes are incredibly high, leaving us with an impending decision: keep up or get left behind.

While some spend time dreading the thought, others are acting.

These Marketing Leaders have great insights to offer on pivoting marketing plans to effectively satisfy customers.

In August 2018, we started Launch Cares, a pro bono initiative to support local nonprofit organizations. By providing services free of charge, we aim to help nonprofits increase their impact, and spread some love to our hometown.

Since our office is in the Downtown neighborhood of Atlanta, we encounter those experiencing homelessness every day. Because of this, we selected Atlanta Mission as our first partner organization. In addition to operating several homeless shelters around the city, they offer personalized, individualized services to their clients. It’s a new approach-one they expect will help to break the cycle of homelessness.

Our hope…

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I was reminded of an article I read at the start of the year called “Mental Illness in the Web Industry” by Brandon Gregory. In the article, he explores the idea that creatives may be particularly vulnerable to mental illness, while raising the question, “What can industries with high numbers of creative roles do about it?”

I was particularly fond of how he interviewed creatives who struggle with mental illness. Being a creative myself, and having many valued relationships with other creatives in my life, I wondered how we could care for each…

Let’s face it. Sometimes, talking to people sucks. Picking up the phone can seem like the biggest obstacle in the world. We stomp our feet and drag our heels as we make our way towards a sales call or a phone date with a customer success rep. We’ve all been there. And that’s a big reason why you’ve been seeing the word “Bot” pop up in your feeds so often.

Ohhh. Right. Bots….like a Roomba?

Not exactly. A bot is any piece of software that automates a task. So, yes, a Roomba would qualify, but so would a chatbot that answers your question on a…

Ecommerce is more than just a buzzword, it’s a reality. We’re all familiar with online buying in the B2C world, and are probably more Amazon Prime-dependent than we’d like to admit. But in all the ecommerce chatter, B2B often slips under the radar. Despite the low-profile, B2B ecommerce is booming. Its market size is larger, conversion rates are higher, and growth rates are stronger than its B2C counterpart. So why aren’t we talking about it, and why are many businesses slow to fully embrace its potential? Blame lack of confidence.

Customer Hesitation

B2B leaders worry that their customers will shy away from…

Recently my coworker Astrid and I flew to California to visit a client. On the plane ride home she introduced me to Bitmoji, which is an app that lets you create an emoji that looks like you. Once you’ve created your Bitmoji, you can scroll through hundreds of images that include your Bitmoji and share them with others. Here’s me and my coworker, Bitmoji style:

That was only the beginning. We now send Bitmojis regularly at the office through Slack (a messaging app for teams). It’s a fun way to communicate, and we laugh at all the silly images that…

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