Can You Trust Me?

“Trust” is one of the most important advantages in any business! — Laura Ramos
Believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

In 1876 German psychologist and physicist Gustav Fechner described how our brains respond strongly to familiar cues. He called it “Exposure Effect” (Fascination Book)


Basically the more we’re exposed to something or someone, the more we trust it and the more we like it. (click to tweet!)

Ever noticed how you might like a song more after hearing it a few times and why we feel more comfortable around friends than strangers and why we feel we personally know celebrities we see on social media?

Bieber and Todd :)

Consistent and repeated exposure to celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey makes us more likely to trust and like them.

H O W?

By over time their images have created a neurochemical pattern in our brains!

McDonald’s builds trust by repetition of messages and consistency of experience. McDonald’s builds trust in kids. They create happy meals, include a toy and therefore it creates an experience. Kids anticipate what type of toy they will be surprised with and enjoy yummy fries and a cheeseburger! :)

Happy Meals

How can you build a brand with more consistency? How can you trust your message will be trusted and be rock solid? What changes can you implement today to be seen as a real business?

First and foremost it needs to start with authenticity and transparency. When speaking or introducing a product, a brand, a team… do it without having prospects question it over and over again… Asking the same question.

Make it simple.

I will tell you why… If people keep questioning it (especially if they are “greens”) color coding personality… that’s in another blog…:) then you are not being trusted or your products. Do not be afraid of rejection. It’s best to be honest and frank than try to remember what you just said…

The point of the exposure effect is to continually send out your authentic message to be heard and trusted and not lie to continually be rejected.

To Transparency :)


Laura ❤