How To Make Leadership The Ferrari Of The Film Industry

Can Hollywood make a controversial film yet bring change?

There are many great films that have sparked change in people’s lives and have provided different type of perspectives. One example was the film “Precious” based on the movie “Push” by Sapphire.

This film ignited a controversy a year after the release. At that time New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had a strong reaction watching “Precious” as it centered in the fizzy soft drinks we all have grown to love!

The Mayor wanted to push a limit size of soft drink in NYC due to seeing the film. The plan was to stop selling the sugar rush drinks no more than half a liter in cinemas, restaurants, sports stadiums. In 2012 The NYC Health board accepted the limit yet due to objections and appeals and not acting QUICK it was dismissed before it could pass law.

The thing with “Power” is it’s not wishy-washy dilliii dally! It’s in taking quick decisive action! You snooze you loose!

This is just a prime example of what can happen when “GREAT FILMS” are made and it inspires authorities, people in power and Leadership to step up and take action!

The changes one can make around the world, the influence, the impact, transformations are huge!

“When I think of great Leadership I see people in power taking action for the greater good” (click to tweet!)

It’s not stepping on others to achieve what you desire but in being a servant to others, it’s knowing the great need and inspiring others to be at their best. One of my favorite quotes:

We don’t need more leaders. But Great Leaders not only in Government but in Business. Reputation is everything. How are you perceived. This is why when political figures are candidates for presidency the first thing that is revealed is their dirty laundry, it gets exposed from what they’ve done, where they’ve been and what impact have they’ve done in society. But, then again you had Bill Clinton and although he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky and declared he never had an affair with that woman people didn’t care they just wanted him to make things happen in the white house and I’m not talking about secret affairs :) 
 So what defines Great Leadership?

It’s simply inspiring others to become better but you must Lead first. See when I worked at the west coast ports and we were assigned jobs to lead it didn’t mean waiting on others. We had to take action or else someone would get hurt or die. It was that serious. Most of these jobs were called ,”signaling” Lots of people hated these type of jobs because you were always on alert and your eyes were not only on a crane operator but all others working with you in the team. I already knew when taking those type of jobs I needed a redbull, strong coffee or sweets. Why? I needed to be on alert. 
 Those were the days that stay with me and humble me because I don’t have it like that anymore however doesn’t mean my Leadership skills are void. Running a business takes Leadership Action! We impact people’s lives. We can lead them astray or lead them in the right path.

So which path are you leading?

What changes can you make just as the film industry that makes a person in power change as well or get inspired? 
 Just some questions to think about as I end this blog because it really does matter how you lead today. 
 To Leadership!

Originally published at on January 11, 2017.