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Other Brands Might Be Bigger So Let’s Kill The Galaxy!

Innovative brands have the ability be bolder and captivating with the holding power to surprise the masses with their creativity and non-conforming rules.

I’ve been watching RiRi (Rihanna) a.k.a Singer, Actress, Entrepreneur, Philantropist, Pisces-sista and couldn’t help but to write this blog as I’m really liking her artsy brand, especially her new line of make-up!


She’s killing the make-up game as the colors are out of this world soo much so she named “Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection” to her products. Not only are the colors magical like unicorns the brand has fascinating names as well such as:

  • Cosmic Lip Glitters
  • Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick In Gravity, Supermoon, Astronaughty (Ha!) Spacesuit
  • Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner in Nepturnt

You wonder how her team and herself came up with these names? I think I know! :)

Being That I’ve Been Following Rihanna

For quite some time due to her music what attracted me to her was how she pushed the boundaries and reinvented herself.

“Like I have no clue how to brand it as I’m a singer but I’m just going to have fun and with my large following I will slay it” — Rihanna

Those that don’t know Rihanna is not only a Pisces-Cusp Aquarius but she has her Aquarius in “How I Communicate” Mercury and a plethora of fire in Aries in different placements but I’m not here to interpret her chart or do analysis paralysis…

She’s a Go-Getter!

When you have Aquarius in Mercury

You tend to communicate in an innovative way which yes may include space, meteors, planets, quirky-weird ideas with the intention to build a community and give back. I haven’t fully dissected the “fenty brand” so I’m not sure if she is giving back a certain percentage to charities however know she does give back through her other charities.

Fascinating Planet Says: I would give back through “fenty” as when you give back through your brand it becomes more trusted.

I have Aquarius in expansive lucky Jupiter therefore I can relate to her daring, bold, fun quirky brand. The more color the better!

I just love TROPHY WIFE! :)

Rihanna Wearing Trophy Wife

Can I get her GLOW?!

I love this color! Yellow is my color too and the name it’s sooo Bold! Like, Yeeees I am a trophy wife! ❤

And so as I’ve been seeing her campaigns, how she brands and innovates her make-up line I’m loving everything I’m seeing and I don’ say it because she is Rihanna because most know I’m direct and to the point and believe that’s how I’ve gained trust from my peeps. I won’t sugar-coat any advice or comment that’s just me.

What Rihanna Is Doing That Sets Her Apart Is?

Engaging with her fans, using social media and not hiring PR to do her work. She is posting selfies of VIP parties sponsoring her brand with friends and teaching ladies how to slay the makeup game by doing make-up demonstrations and attending Sephora events. She is capatilizing on fenty through her music. Uses both to reach fans which is wicked!

Remember teaching is sexy and if you want to have fanatics for life which means customers for life you’re going to have to teach them how to apply make-up and be consistent with it in order for it to grow. Many make the mistake to brand their products especially celebrities or influencers and then do something else without giving much traction.

Rihanna hasn’t forgotten FENTY PUMA… She’s still slaying!

And not stopping anytime soon! It looks like she’s on fire from Fenty Puma to Fenty -Makeup, Singing, Philanthropy etc…

So definitely I will purchase her make-up. I seen some YOUTUBE videos and they’re pretty inspiring! I’m not one who cakes a lot of makeup but I do love colorful glowing glittery colors and can’t wait to try them!

Check out her website

Wishing her success and best of luck! :)

To connect with me and vamp up your brand or strategy check me out here

Laura Ramos / Branding Fascinista

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