Laura Irving
Dec 5, 2019 · 2 min read
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Laura is an award-winning audio producer creating sound rich pieces for podcast, broadcast and installation.

As a creator, curator and editor, Laura is amped by

less commonly heard stories

told in more curious ways

Her interests are;

Archives & mashups (a la Negativeland)

Acoustic & soundscape ecology

Cinematic, spatial, spinal-chord tingling sound design

Crate digging

DIY and cross disciplinary partnerships/approaches

Radio & Transmission art

and, it seems…

list making

If you’d like to work or collaborate with Laura, please email:


What others have to say about Laura and her work

‘Laura Irving is professional, creative, responsive, friendly, lively, lovely, wonderful. I mean all of these adjectives with intense sincerity. I plan on working with her for years to come, so while I encourage you to offer her abundant well-remunerated freelance work, please don’t offer her so much that she’s not available to produce my upcoming 12-part series on bioluminescent cheese.’

Andrew Leland hosts and produces The Organist, an arts-and-culture podcast from KCRW and McSweeney’s. He’s been an editor of the Believer magazine since 2003, and currently teaches at UMass School of Journalism.

Most importantly, he is also my boss.

‘A witty and beautifully crafted miniature feature that packed a great deal into its short span. “Beautifully mixed” said one judge, “arresting and entertaining,” “a total delight from start to finish”. This was “an uplifting subject, with a great reveal.” “And Funny!”

Judging panel of The Charles Parker Prize.

“Working with Laura over the course of the Waveform project has been an utter joy — to see her develop an idea from the original conception, to a work-in-progress sharing, right through to making a brilliant installation, was a privilege and Flatpack are very proud to have played a part in that journey. The way she’s explored an area of artistic practice (moving image) unfamiliar to her, and then create something so accomplished is a testament to her artistic vision, and hard work. I’m really excited to see Lambda Drive reach a bigger audience over the next year or two, and to see what Laura will make next.”

Sam Groves, Programmer, Flatpack Festival


Creator and curator of Noise

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