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Live @ Crossing Boarder Festival

Live performance of The Organist (and first outing for the midi-typewriter) at Crossing Boarder Literature & Music Festival in The Hague

We were delighted (and somewhat terrified) to be asked to attend this incredible festival at the dutch national theatre, and perform the podcast live.

We settled on an episode from the most recent season ‘The Narrative Line’, which weaves together an eclectic set of features about; storytelling, narrative structure, and the pursuit of understanding- knitted together with situational strands from show-host Andrew Leland’s series of essays on sight loss.

Because Crossing Boarders is a literary festival, and because I wanted to see how easy it is to get an ancient piece of technology with lots of wires and circuitry hanging out of it through airport security in hand luggage, I decided to trigger the feature clips via a typewriter customised into a kind of sampler.

Thankfully it worked and a good time was had by all (I think….no one shouted anything angry in Dutch at us anyhow…)

You can hear Andrew and I pontificating about podcasting in a post-performance interview for Arts Talk Radio Holland (at about 9.27)



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