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Remembrance Species Exhibition 2020

Online Exhibition of Illustration, Text and Sound- including Bandcamp album- with Luntario Editorial, Scottish Seabird Centre & Remembrance Day for Lost Species

Delighted to be selected for the soundwork section of this exhibition that is held annually to raise awareness about species decline, while raising money for causes that actively help preserve our ecology and at risk species.

The exhibition includes soundworks, as well as really beautiful visual art (see below), sculpture and text.

My contribution was the track Anguilla Anguilla- a kinda experimental track/collage/muck about…. this is how I tried to artfully describe it in the writeup…

The piece evolved from an anecdote my father-in-law used to tell about catching eels in his boyhood. Since developing Alzheimer’s, he’s returned frequently to this story, the narrative becoming progressively fractured, interrupted and detuned. Just like an eel, his memories became slippery, hard to grasp and eventually all but extinct.

I was inspired by the synergy between his tale, his illness and the mysterious cyclical end of life journey of the European Eel (Anguilla Anguilla). Guided by a force little understood, the eel travels out from the freshwater rivers of the UK, across the Atlantic to the Sargasso Sea- the place of its birth, to spawn and die. Due to overfishing and climate change, the little understood European Eel is now a critically endangered species.

This piece might be described as a sonic-sketch or assembly of ideas to be continued someday..

Please check out the online exhibition

And consider making a donation to the supported charities by buying the bandcamp album



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