SPIRITS OF LAVAASH: A fortnight carnival of drinks, workshops and events.

It has been a super exciting week at Lavaash by Saby, and this time it was behind the bar! We hosted some of our friends to go behind the bar and do some of the most exciting mixes of their personal stories as well.

Our cocktail menu at Lavaash is inspired by memories, places, and people from Chef Saby’s growing up years. As a child , Chef Saby grew up in Asansol, a rural industrial setting in West Bengal. Further growing up as he moved to the more civilized metropolis of Calcutta, it also influenced him in ways more than one. From the taboo life of drinking alcohol in his days to parts of it dedicated to Late Keshto Mukherjee and forever green — Late Uttam Kumar, all of the above and more so of family and friends who add up to his drunken stories.

It is also this eclectic mix of memories and inspiration and in last two years, all of you- our guests who make it even more special. If you are trying the cocktails for the first time, do take out time to read a little bit about the back stories of these drinks.

We also did a round up of some of Friends of Lavaash and tested their spirits. Did they come through?

Lets find out.

Priyam Chatterjee — Priyam is the ideal neighbour you want, courteous and a perfect gentleman, someone who is always sending goodies home or inviting you to try the new dishes that he has been making. Someone who compliments profusely and always greets with the best smiles.

Shorthand and very brooding, here is what the executive chef at Q’la said in his chat with us.

Team Lavaash : Your first taste of cocktails and where.

Priyam : It was in Calcutta, I tried a Mojito and then a couple more, I don’t remember much of that evening. I am generally a very sober person. So I don’t have many drunken stories as such.

TL : The Craziest Thing that you have done after a few drinks?

PC: I got a tattoo plastered on my then washboard abs. It is a huge boombox that covers my full torso! This was after a performance and a few vodka drinks.

TL : Do you plan to take it out?!

PC : No, never! Its one of the craziest, fondest memories I have, never!

TL: Your favourite cocktails at Lavaash?

PC: I love the red wine Sangria, its definitely the best!

TL: One Fictional/Mythical/Comic character that you’d like to host for a cocktail party.

PC: It is definitely Shiva, I resonate the most with him, I really follow the philosophy. We are going to have kitta or Old Monk for sure.

TL: Parting words.

PC . : Lavaash is great, the food at Lavaash makes me selfish & self centred, it makes me comfortable and triggers emotions — which I think is what food is supposed to do. I recommend Lavaash 500% .

As we were taking our conversations forward with Priyam, Jasjeet Singh from Kindly Cook joins us with some of the most suave manners of greeting, from very comforting presence. With a couple of exchange of pleasantries we confirmed, looks can be deceptive, Jasjit turned out to be a baller of a comic.

Team Lavaash : Your first taste of cocktails and where.

Jasjit : Very factually states and then glints, 1996, Fireball had random flavored vodka shots with a few friends, I do not remember much, however was moonwalking by the end of the evening.

TL : The Craziest Thing that you have done after a few drinks?

JJ : I dont have one but many, I either black out or I remain dead sober. Last I remember I gate crashed a party. I also have a habit of impersonating people. I am TV actor, director of media houses, IPL team coach and I don’t plan these crazy ideas they are extremely spontaneous and very random.

TL: Your favourite cocktails at Lavaash? And otherwise.

JJ : I love beer and that too Lager. Here at Lavaash I liked the blast furnace, and kahwa-tini. I really liked the strong flavours. Otherwise I love Penicillin at PCO. Their smoked whiskeys are great!

TL: One Fictional/Mythical/Comic character that you’d like to host for a cocktail party.

JJ : It has to be Iron man, It has to be him. I really admire him. I have Avenger and Iron Man posters on my walls. I resonate a lot with him as a personality.

TL: Parting words.

JJ : Well, who mentioned parting, I am definitely staying back, this has been a super fun activity.

Next up were the very awesome team from Fig and Maple Delhi, Chef Radhika who also happens to one of the closest friends with Chef Megha(of Lavaash) and Chef Ravish who by far has the most honest smile we could spot.

Team Lavaash : Your first taste of cocktails and where.

Ravish : College hostel, it was a couple of us. We had vodka with coke or something, the typical hostel things, all I remember is sleeping for 24 hours straight after that.

Radhika : It was Kamikaze shots, it was during final year in school, I went out with my school friends, mostly, I have no memories of it however, I clearly remember we all puked.

TL: Your favourite cocktails at Lavaash? otherwise.

Ravish : LG shakti, I love whiskey sours and this one is a very good take on whiskey sour, It is kind of nice, has a nice complex taste. I really like going to PCO for its whiskey sours.

Radhika : I love Evyln, because it has all the things I love, kala khatta and candy floss. I really liked Trick Dog for its concept as they serve all the drinks, named and inspired by Pantone colours. I also really enjoy a G&T after a really long day at work.

TL: One Fictional/Mythical/Comic character that you’d like to host for a cocktail party.

Ravish : I want to invite Fred Flintstone — We would get hammered!

Radhika : Draco Malfoy, I think he is super interesting. Yeah it has to be Draco Malfoy, I really like to know what goes into his head — he could be good drinking partner I feel.

TL: Parting words.

Ravish : I wish we could do these things more often, I really like Lavaash, it is such a heartwarming easy space.

Radhika : This is literally my second home. I am here most the times after my long work days. I love this space. I feel like I am part of the Lavaash family.

Overall, we have had so much fun with all these amazing people. We fondly call them Spirits of Lavaash, free spirited and the kind of people you like to be in the company of.