“No” Real Neo of Matrix The Matrix of our society’s false programming is overcome by teaching the knowledge they don’t want you to know in “Oneness”

The matrix is a machine. It’s our government and the false programming of our society in our delusion of separateness. The matrix has the power to influence us all on conscious and subconscious levels as if we were enslaved by an invisible force we could not see but could feel. We know it’s there but can' t identify were it’s coming from!!

Neo’s objective in this reality is to free us of our delusion so we can reach our potential, overcome the the invisible strong hold and unite us with unity to the infinite mind, God, Atman or Tao. We then become freed from the miserable limited existance society teaches us as a whole.

Mr smith. Neo’s enemy

Mr smith is like the masons or the illuminati or superpowers who try to keep the knowledge that will liberates us from our slavery to ignorance. Mr Smith’s job is to keep us in our delusion that happiness is found in our looks, the money we have and create our power over other people. He keeps us living in our delusion that we are separate so we continue to live in a world devoid of compassion and love. This compassion and loves threatens Mr. Smith and the whole system of the matrix. Here is an actual Neo qoute

“ I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid. you’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone, and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you” This is the Law of Oneness.That gives you exactly that, the freedom to break free from the matrix of society.


I take no credit for the knowledge expressed in this book, because such knowledge, wisdom, and understanding can come from a higher intelligence expressing itself through me. I have suffered because of the mistakes I’ve made. These mistakes have caused me to experienced drug addiction, jail, prison, and a couple of institutions. I have been graced to overcome these experiences or transcend them to a higher consciousness. Because the light within me has awakened the power to overcome, I have a jewel to give the world. The conditions of my life have been set in such a particular way that when they were overcome, I vibrated at a particular frequency that allowed me to receive the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding the universe in oneness has to offer the world. I have chosen, or it has chosen me, to be a vessel of expression to give the greatest gift of light to you so that we can all be on the same level in unity with the infinite mind, or God. I am being used as a vessel in serving this higher purpose. A purpose beyond me, for the greater good of the whole. The universe has shared its deepest secrets in the Law of Oneness. Do not see the information as coming from me but focus on the content itself. This material is a guide to connect those who seek the source. It will be nearly impossible to read this book without connecting on some form or another, causing an awakening. After the connection is made, these writings serve no purpose except as a reminder that we all need. But the knowledge, once mastered, will come from the source and go beyond the knowledge this book can offer. The purpose of this book isn’t to catch your attention for it to sell a bunch of copies to make money. Whether you read it or not makes no difference to me. What matters is that the wisdom makes a difference in your individual life so the world can change.

The book starts off with the creation myth. It is my first in-depth insight into the universe and understanding of knowledge. After that, knowledge will be given about the basic workings of the universe in all our realities. Then you will be taught the functions needed to overcome your current reality into your own reality, a system of programming set to the unique individual purpose you were created for. Following that, the one who decides to read deeper into knowledge will be given a full set of programming instructions in the perception to the law of oneness. Oneness reality trumps all other realities proven by every great master, sage, patriarch, or matriarch, such as Shakyamuni, Lao Tzu, Bodhidharma, Krishna, and Jesus himself. It’s a set of program instructions to an eternal reality powerful enough to overcome our false reality today. It is reality seen through the eyes of oneness or ultimate reality. The next step is to learn communication with the source in creative listening. This is important for one’s development because after transformation occurs, guidance by the source is the next step. Communication with the source is vital on the journey to serve or let go for the plan created for the purpose of one’s existence. This will be our individual bliss. Next is the understanding that will allow our consciousness to expand to perceive growth as it is and erase the delusion of a chaotic existence to one of meaning and purpose. This is a big step in allowing things to be as they are by not impeding the universe from working its miracles in our lives and transforming to new and better beings, realizing our original purpose. What is perceived by awareness makes the connection with the source to work, causing growth. The last chapter will cover the science of inner and outer realities and how inner reality relates to outer realities and the correct view. This is important because our whole journey is about self-realisation, and this realisation directly relates to expanded awareness in how it relates to the universe. This is where we connect on the most personal level to the universe within ourselves. This increases self-esteem in gaining some identity of our true self.

This knowledge is meant for the spiritual warrior, one who is ready to take the journey. It is a calling to all beings of light as instructions given by the source on how to achieve liberation from a world drowning in delusion. The one who decides to take this path and achieve his potential will not only gain freedom but also bring light to the rest of the world. This is your purpose. I call upon you to be as lights in a world of darkness. Be as warriors to the source and unite the world in oneness! Love, peace, and harmony.

I’m the modern day Neo, we can all be Neo’s and I want to liberate you all from the machine. They don’t want you to know what I’m telling you. So lets infect the matrix and change the program to the way its suppose to be. I have fought the system and against all odds beat it. I have showed you the impossible is possible. Now I have a very complex string of beautiful theoretical algorithms that will overcoming the matrix. It is a program to counteract and overcome the false program we live in today. The driving force of this program causes love, the very thing Mr smith wants to break up in our society with division, hate, racism and divided program’s. I’m a threat to this program because I threaten that system of division! Unite and lets install this new program that will spread like wild fire. And free everyone!!”

“The law of Oneness” available at Amazon, Barnes and noble, iTunes, etc….

By Jessy James Salamone

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