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Web3 Lets Anyone Be a David Choe

In 2005, David Choe painted murals in Facebook’s Palo Alto office and earned $60K…in stock.

He was compensated $60K in ownership rather than cash, a novel concept for such a simple contribution. And that $60K turned into more than $200MM when Facebook IPO’d in 2012.

But…what if anyone could be David Choe?

DAOs unlock this possibility. Today, anyone can contribute to a DAO in exchange for governance tokens, analogous to equity at a startup. Given crypto is the fastest growing asset class in history, contribution can be extremely lucrative considering long-term appreciation. But if you ask people in crypto how you actually go from zero-to-one in DAO contribution, you’ll get mixed responses.

It varies from DAO to DAO, but generally involves some combination of Discord, Google Sheets, Telegram, Airtable, and an amalgamation of other ill-fitted tools. And worse, it’s difficult to get involved on a part-time basis — no matter your skillset. You’re either a full-time contributor, or a full-time shitposter. That’s what we’re fixing at Layer3.

If we want to unlock a global talent network for DAOs (and more importantly, onboard the next generation of DAO contributors), we need to remove this friction. As a would-be contributor, there’s no place to see what communities I can join, exactly what needs to get done, and the ownership I’ll receive for doing gig-based work.

On Layer3, we make it easy to be David Choe. With us, you’ll earn crypto (ownership) in 4 clicks.

  1. Browse communities
  2. Pick a task
  3. Submit your work
  4. Claim your bounty

It’s as simple as that.

For contributors, it’s the best way to get involved, earn ownership, and push your favorite communities forward.

For DAOs, gig-based work allows you to mobilize your community’s idle human capital and increases the breadth of contribution.

If you want your David Choe moment, check out Layer3.


Thanks for reading, and be sure to follow us on the journey.

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