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man sitting at table reading The New Girl in Town by Jaye Frances

In two short days, my newest book, The New Girl in Town will be arriving on the scene.

Can’t wait? No worries, you can still pre-order the eBook right here so it lands in your eReader within moments of going live. By the way, the eBook is available at a special pre-order discount price.

Here’s a short Book Trailer for The New Girl:

Want more? Enjoy this excerpt from one of the stories …

The Sighting

It was rare for members from other chapters to attend, but last week more than two hundred from the Twin Falls area had called the office to let us know they were driving down. Some wanted to know if they could record the presentation.

The Elks Lodge — our normal meeting location — was too small to hold the anticipated crowd, so our chapter president had moved the event to the high school auditorium. But even with its two-thousand-seat capacity, I wondered if it would be large enough.

Initially, the sighting report had gone to our national headquarters. It was the usual procedure. Two weeks later, preliminary review copies were released to the regional chapters. A few were slipped to the media. Suddenly, it was all our little town could talk about.

What made this account so important was the source, Martha Beal. A founding member of our organization, Martha had spent over twenty years in personal study and research. In addition to being one of the most qualified to report on the technical aspects of a sighting, she possessed another rare attribute: This wasn’t her first observation.

Two years ago, she’d delivered one of the most detailed descriptions of a Type Two encounter on record. Several magazines had published the story, calling her one of the most reliable sources in the nation. Her narrative had been so riveting she’d been asked to repeat it for a syndicated radio talk show.

The book will be released on Friday, July 8, in both eBook and Paperback on Amazon.

I hope you decide to connect with The New Girl in Town — and get to know each other …

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Jaye Frances is the author of seven books including the The New Girl in Town and the suspense thriller series, World Without Love. Storyteller, truth-seeker, and optimist, Jaye explores relationships, philosophy, and the complexities of life — a day at a time.




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Jaye Frances

Jaye Frances

Writer, storyteller, and optimist — exploring relationships, truth, philosophy, and the complexities of life a day at a time.