Layers Studio launched She’s So Soccer midway through July, having completed the brand marque, content, web design and build within one week.

It was a good cause, feel good project, working with someone we greatly respect. A job that was clear from the start and executed cleanly.

Now is the exciting bit though: To see how the creative has helped the project gain traction and create a movement that can become a national success story.

So it has every chance to do this, timing plus good fortune/performances are critical.

Not only is it the Women’s Euros right now, if England were to win their matches and inspire the media to expand their coverage then She’s So Soccer can be THAT outlet for a nation’s ladies inspired to have a go.

Women’s football is on the rise in the UK yes, but it’s still a sport dominated by men and still found wanting when it comes to getting more young girls and women involved.

She’s So Soccer has been created to rattle this gender unbalance and shift the mental blocks that mean football isn’t even considered as an outlet for fitness and exercise by women.

Bootcamp with balls — you bet. And we can’t wait to see the positive difference we all believe and want it to make.