How to publish Docker products to Layerstore?

A market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one. — Henry Ford

In this post I’m gonna walk you through publishing a product to Layerstore.

In order to sell a product on Layerstore marketplace you must complete 3 steps:

  1. Become a Layerstore Merchant.
  2. Create and upload Docker image.
  3. Create product and publish it to the Marketplace.

1. Becoming Layerstore Merchant

You can become a merchant by going to Account section of the Settings page. We will need your credit card information. You are going to be charged a nominal monthly merchant subscription fee.

You will also need to connect your Stripe account to Layerstore. Layerstore does not store any payment or bank information, but instead it leaves all the hard financial tasks to Stripe. You must connect your Stripe account to Layerstore before you can publish anything to the Marketplace. We will use this information to transfer money to your account.

2. Create and upload Docker image

Add a Docker image

First you need to create Docker image. You can do this by going to Inventory page and clicking on New Image. You must provide the following

  • Image name: This is a human readable name of the image.
  • Image ID: This is an identifier for your image, it’s going to be used in docker commands. We advise you to namespace your images using dot notation, e.g. com.mycompany.myimage.
  • Description. Provide detailed image description and how to use it. You can type in Markdown if you need formatting.

After image is created you can actually use docker CLI to upload the code

docker push

3. Create product

The image has been created and uploaded. Great! We can now create a product to be sold on Layerstore marketplace.

Create new product

Go to Inventory, Product section and click on New Product. Fill in product name, select the Docker image you want to attache to the product and set price. Make sure to enter great product description since this is what people are going to see when browsing the store.

When you create a product it’s not available on the store. You need to manually publish it to the store. Go to Inventory, Product and click on your product. Publish to the store.

You product is now available in Layerstore Marketplace.

Product page on Layerstore

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