Ingame features at the Manila Masters

Here is a list of all the features we demonstrated at the 2017 Manila Masters:

Recipe Icons

Overlays the item icon over the indistinguishable ingame recipe icons

  • Currently works in inventory, backpack & stash
  • If not added by Valve, we will work on making these visible in Quick buy as well
  • Integrates with all our courier features below

Aegis Countdown

Shows a 5 minute countdown from the moment the Aegis is picked up

“Bought by” indicator

Shows the purchaser of an item. Useful for items that jump between inventories a lot.

  • Currently shown on Gems and Divines only
  • Initially we planned to show it on Wards, Dust and Shared tangos but found the icon distracting on these

Bloodstone Instant-respawn glow

Bloodstone will glow if it has enough charges for an instant respawn.

  • With the removal of respawn reduction talents this feature is rarely shown
  • Will be reworked to show actual respawn time

Courier Delivery indicator

Items that are in the courier are shown above the hero’s inventory, even when the courier is dead

  • This ended up being one of the most useful features we have developed

Courier Kill Details

Shows additional information when a courier dies

  • This is something that we certainly expect to see in the game soon

Hero Charts

  • Very experimental feature that we didn’t intend to actively use
  • Helped visualize impact of some key players, especially in regards to the Damage Dealt chart
  • Planning to add more specific stats: Damage absorbed, healing, stuns etc.

Gold Stats for Summons

We track all the gold fed with summons

  • This was a last second feature, and shows where our development path is heading

Gold Stats for Illusions

  • Huge focus on live stats
  • While testing, we were amazed with how much gold a Naga can provide to the enemy with Illusions, Manta and Octarine

Live Community Polls

Real-time polls with Twitch chat integration

  • Used mostly with Twitch chat but works with other social media too
  • We didn’t have a dedicated person for polls so this feature wasn’t used too much

Other Features

These features have been implemented into the game, the organizers decided to use our design instead of Valve’s default one.

Net-worth Indicator

Our implementation vs. what was added to the game
  • There isn’t much space for improvement here, we are glad to see something we made get implemented into the game. Thanks to @SUNSfanTV for the original idea

Talent Selection Popup

  • We might bring this feature back once we enhance it with stats (pick/win rate of specific talents)
  • As for Valve’s approach on doing talent popups, we really liked the one shown while you play, simple and concise. On the other hand, the one shown to spectators looks way too busy for how long it stays on the screen

We’ve only been working on this for two months and are incredibly excited to see what the future holds.

Hope to see you at the next event!