LayerZero Update: Summer 2022

Ryan Zarick
LayerZero Official
Published in
3 min readSep 7, 2022


It’s been a busy few months since the last update and a lot has happened. Pre-Crime is set to open up to the world, LayerZero Scan is live, we’ve migrated to ULNv2 and we’re moving to new chains!

Pre-Crime is Live

While we’ve spoken about it a few times publicly since our initial post, Pre-Crime has actually been live and successfully securing Stargate since May. We’re now ready to officially move to the next phase: opening up Pre-Crime to all applications and allowing developers to define their own custom security guarantees by setting their own invariants for all messaging. We’ll have a full set of documentation available for public consumption soon and we’ve launched a private Pre-Crime integration beta with several teams.

Developer Tooling

While we’ve seen incredible adoption on top of LayerZero so far with contracts steadily rising to over 7,000 active contracts on testnet, we realize that great developer tooling is what makes a great developer ecosystem, and frankly the existing tooling for wrangling cross-chain transactions sucks.

Today we introduce LayerZero Scan which allows both developers and users to tie together two transactions across chains and pull state, status, and timing in one interface. This will be a huge improvement in the user experience offered to developers building on top of LayerZero and the first of many such toolings we hope to make available to the community over the coming years. Try it out here:

ULNv2 Upgrade

Today marks a big step forward in the evolution of LayerZero with the release of the new ULNv2 library. ULNv2 contains required support for upcoming non-EVM supported chains, LayerZero Scan, over 20% improvement in gas efficiency, and patches a ULNv1 security issue related to potential chain pathway griefing.

LayerZero has Expanded

Beyond the original seven chains, we’re on four new mainnets: Moonbeam, Harmony, Swimmer, and DFK. LayerZero is also live on eight other pre-launch chain’s testnets; and will be live on mainnet launch for all of them, including our first non-EVMs: Aptos, Sui and Solana.