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2 min readSep 12


After more than a year of combined effort we’re incredibly excited for the Google Cloud oracle to roll out on LayerZero. The Google Cloud oracle is a purpose built verifier that is available today to all LayerZero applications and will be configured as the default as of Sep 19th.

What this means is that by default every message within LayerZero will leverage the secure infrastructure run by one of the most security minded organizations in the entire world. Put another way, Google Cloud will verify the validity of every message within LayerZero by default.

The Google Cloud oracle is meant to serve as the https of cross-chain messaging. Just like they verify all https certificates to attest to the validity of the website, The Google Cloud oracle is now additionally verifying all LayerZero messages by default.

As with everything LayerZero we believe the best security is modular security, so naturally this can be paired with other verifying parties like PolyhedraZK and you are able to construct the security stack that best suits your application’s needs.

We’re incredibly excited to be building alongside Google Cloud and to play a role in building a more secure messaging layer for the entire industry.

User applications that would like to switch to the Google Cloud oracle immediately can change the oracle address in their UA config to the Google Cloud oracle.