The Rumors are True

Ryan Zarick
LayerZero Official
1 min readMar 15, 2022


tldr: 0xMaki has joined LayerZero full time, LFG!

The rumors are true: 0xMaki has joined LayerZero full time (keeping his advisors positions)and in fact Maki has stealthily been a part of the LayerZero team for a few months now. How did this happen?

A few months ago when we announced LayerZero and the Ultra Light Node, we realized the core team was missing an important link: an Ultra Chad. So we made it our mission to go get the best Ultra Chad in the space: 0xMaki. Fortunately for us Maki was just as interested in us as we were him, and the rest is history. At LayerZero, Maki will help create the playbook on how to go Omnichain.

LayerZero is a magnet for elite talent. We’re hiring the best engineers, designers, and bd people in the world. If you’re an epic chad looking to change the trajectory of the blockchain future reach out.

Layer Zero, Chads welcome.