How to use Subliminals to change your appearance and attract what you want successfully.

Did you ever wanted to be younger? Slimmer? Richer? You never had money for facelift? Subliminals might be the way to go. As a subliminal maker I can advise you how to use them to get better results.

There are a lot of Subliminals to choose from. Take a look at my YouTube channel:

I bet you would find something you could use. So how to use subliminals successfully? 95 percent of our life is governed by our subconscious mind. It defines how we act, what we have, even how we look. Did you ever hear: if you want to change your life, change your mind?

Subliminals are made to reprogram our subconscious mind. Then why so few people use them successfully?

Most common mistakes:

  1. People choose way too many subliminals at once.

2. People mix various subliminals in one playlist. They listen one subliminal only one time, getting a long stream of various subliminal messages that overloads your mind.

3. People have no patience and jump from one sub to another not getting results.

4. Some people have stubborn mind, negative attitude and no connection with they own bodies.

What to do to get these so much wanted changes?

  1. Choose 4 subliminals and stick to them up to 3 months. Boring I know. It will generate the stream of the same subliminal messages which in the long run reprogram your subconscious mind for good. If you don’t want to listen to the same music again and again, choose subliminals with the rain sounds.
  2. Don’t operate heavy machinery or overload yourself with work, which requires much of your attention while listening to subliminals. The best results you will achieve if you listen to subs while sleeping. You can multitask, just avoid tasks that need your full attention.
  3. Don’t obsess about results! Stop looking at the mirror ten times a day. Stop hating yourself, stop complaining and getting nervous. Chill! Most subliminals are found free of any cost for you. Enjoy.
  4. Results? Usually it’s like this: you can get positive results in the very beginning, then they slow down. Keep listening! They will come back again. Listen to the same subliminals for 3 months to get permanent results.
  5. Avoid combo subliminals, which offer a few things to change at once. Changes like that are more difficult to achieve. Choose subliminals with one goal.
  6. Listen to one subliminal for at least 20 minutes, then get a break, then listen to another subliminal. This way you will allow subliminal affirmations settle down in your mind.

Overall, subliminals are a wonderful tool to improve your life. They can help you fix almost every aspect of your life. They are free and like everything else requires patience and perseverance.

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