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5 min readMay 17, 2022


The Lazy Cubs public sale will launch on Wednesday, May 18th at 10am PT/1pm ET/ 5pm GMT

Lazy Cubs drops Wednesday, May 18th at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT

Whether you are a Lazy Lion holder, an Allowlist Pride member, or participating in the public sale, here is all the information needed to get your Cub, and stop Glitch before he destroys the Web3 world we all know and love.

Minting will happen on the official Lazy Lions website:


Glitch, the Lazy Lions antagonist, was once an ordinary lion, but also… an exceptional gamer. After spending hours in his cave every day, his life took a dark turn when he lost access to his favorite game. Glitch then hatches an evil plan to go back in time to sabotage Web3 and stop the metaverse altogether. In a desperate race against time, a brave group of Lions rally together to go back in time and stop Glitch’s evil plans…

Will the Lazy Cubs be able to find Glitch and stop him before it’s too late? This is truly a race against time.

Security tips

Before the drop, please make sure to review the following security tips (and always do your own research):

-The Lazy Cubs drop will only come from official sources and never Discord DMs. Please ensure “Direct Messages” are turned off in your Discord privacy settings.

-Be careful of “mass-tagging” offers on Twitter — this has become a popular scam around recent high-profile mints. Always verify news and information via multiple official sources before signing a transaction. Remember, the ONLY official links can be found in the Lazy Lions Discord and @LazyLionsNFT on Twitter.

-Protect your wallet at all times. Never give out your seed phrase or passwords. Never link to unverified websites. Never trust any unofficial sources or unverified team members.

Now for the fun part!

What are the benefits of Lazy Cubs?

- IP rights to your NFT

- $ROAR token allocation

- High resolution Art

- Access to one of the loudest communities in the NFT space.

- Access to Lazy Lions Events

- Explore the Metaverse with us

- Exclusive Merchandise

- Content expansion around the Lazy Lions universe

Lazy Lions Holders

If you are an owner of a Lazy Lions NFT before Wednesday, May 18th (snapshot), you will be randomly airdropped a free Lazy Drink NFT per Lion you own: (ordered by rarity) a Juice, Milk, or the exceptionally rare, Lazy Special

There are a total of twenty 1of1s available in the Lazy Cubs collection.

- 8 1of1s for the existing 1of1 holders in the Lazy Lions collection.
- 5 Lazy Specials will be in the airdrop of Lazy Drinks
- 5 1of1 NFTs will be in the in Public sale (DA + AL)
- 2 Lazy drinks will be reserved for giveaways.

Lazy Drinks are verifiably randomized by Chainlink VRF and gas fees for the airdrop will be covered by the Lazy Lions team. Lazy Drink NFTs will be airdropped Wednesday, May 18th at around 7am PT.

Chainlink VRF is a provably fair and verifiable random number generator that allows us to distribute the drinks in a way that no one — including the devs — could know which drinks will be airdropped to lion #IDs. This is achieved by using Chainlink VRF to randomly generate the starting index, which will be available for all to see publicly, on-chain.

Lazy Drink NFTs can be traded through secondary markets, but can not be used to create your Lazy Cub until the Lazy Cubs reveal on Saturday, May 21st. Glitch’s cave opens and you can consume your Lazy Drink.
*Your Lazy Drink will be burned upon use, but NOT your Lazy Lion. There is no deadline to consume your Lazy Drink. Milk & Juice can both be used on the same Lazy Lion NFT (excluding existing 1of1s)

Dutch Auction:

To further grow the Lazy Lions Pride, 10,000 Lazy Cub NFTs will be available via a Dutch auction with a starting price of 0.5 ETH and reducing to 0.1 ETH over 5 hours. Once at 0.1 ETH the Dutch auction will remain open for 3 hours.

Max mints per wallet: Unlimited
Max mints per transaction: 10

Once again, the Dutch auction will begin Wednesday, May 18th at 10am PT and only on the Lazy Cubs official website

If you’re unfamiliar with Dutch auctions, you can read more about them here:

TL;DR: a way to bid on an item using an interval declining price that begins at the highest cost and decreases to the lowest, if any items still remain. Doing a sale in this format allows the general market to decide the fair value price and helps to avoid gas wars. It will cost what you bid on.

Publicly purchased Lazy Cubs will be revealed Saturday, May 21st

Allowlist Pride

Over the past month we have done Twitter contests, Discord games, Bungalowner claims, stolen Lazy Lion outreach, partner/project collaborations and a large raffle for the distribution of the Lazy Cubs allowlist.

2,000 allowlist spots were awarded for the opportunity of these individuals to mint a Lazy Cub NFT for 80% of the final Dutch auction price.

The allowlist will open after the end of the Dutch auction and will run for 12 hours.

Allowlist Lazy Cub minting will take place only on the Lazy Cubs official site

Public Sale

If there are any leftovers from the Dutch auction or allowlist they will go into a public sale at the final price of the dutch auction.


Want to see some more sneak-peaks of the Lazy Cubs? 👀 Join our Discord

The Lazy Lions ecosystem is growing! Whether you are a Lazy Lion OG or a new, future Lazy Cub, remember we are all one Pride. We Are All 👑s. Let’s be as helpful and respectful as always, and continue to work hard to expand our ROAR to every corner of the metaverse.

…just keep an eye out for Glitch hiding in The Private Island cave.

So, crack open your Lazy Drink, and unite as Lazy Lions and Lazy Cubs ROARing Together!



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