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10 min readDec 31, 2022


What a ride, Lions! Time to look back at all we’ve accomplished and prepare for the coming great times.

2022 was anything but LAZY. So much happened, and we are so thankful to have such a strong and loud community in our Pride!

As the year ends, let’s look at the best reasons to ROAR and be proud to be a Lion!

2022 Recap

If 2021 was the year it all started, 2022 was the time for our brand to mature — in the middle of its first winter!

January 2022: Stan Wawrinka’s partnership

Was January 2022 an era ago? It certainly feels so. Back then, the NFT space was booming and blooming, lots of new projects popping up, and Lazy Lions was growing stronger by the minute.

That’s also when we partnered with tennis legend Stan Wawrinka and his NFT collection Ballman project.

Stan Wawrinka is a force to be reckoned with on the court, having achieved 3 Grand Slam titles and immense success as an internationally renowned tennis player.

In a collaboration between Lazy Lions and Stan’s own Ballman Project collection came great news for The Pride — whitelist spots plus two autographed racquets signed by none other than Stan himself!

February 2022: Lion Sanctuary

On February 3rd, it was an honor to support the Born Free Foundation and sponsor two lions — Angela & Louga — at their big-cat sanctuary in Eastern Cape, South Africa. This symbolizes our commitment to conservation efforts and a way to give back to the real kings and queens of Savanah.

As a thank you from the kind folks at The Born Free Foundation, all Lazy Lions holders were invited on a VIP tour so they could witness firsthand how important these kinds of causes really are!

March 2022: The Doxxening at SXSW

We had an incredible experience at SXSW this year! The Austin Convention Centre was abuzz with excitement as we kicked off the event — Ashur, our Co-Founder, went all out to doxx himself live and publically showcase Lazy Lions’ 2022 Roadmap.

We also hosted a community get-together where everyone enjoyed food and drinks sponsored by us.

April 2022: Sacramento Kings

April came, and Lazy Lions NFTs made history. Thanks to our collab with the NBA team Sacramento Kings, we became the first PFP NFT to take collectibles to the world of the national basketball association.

We were excited to meet the esteemed royalty of Lazy Lions NFT holders at the Golden 1 Centre. We wanted to show everyone what our community is all about, so we partnered with Sacramento Kings and gave out 100 free paired tickets to their game against the Warriors on April 3rd — plus 5 lucky winners from our group got $1,000 for travel expenses! Truly a night fit for kings & queens.

May 2022: Lazy Cubs drop

On May 18th, we launched the Lazy Cubs NFT collection! This was a key moment for the development of our brand’s storyline, and we were especially excited about welcoming new members to our community.

As a special bonus for existing holders of the OG Lazy Lion, gas was used to airdrop each holder with their own personalized Lion Cub. Combining either Milk or Juice NFTs alongside any given Lion transformed it into an adorable cub–a teen when you went with Juice rather than milk.

Unforgettable memories were made as close to 3,000 new community members found themselves welcomed in by this never-before-seen world and Pride that is still ongoing today.

June 2022: NFT.NYC & ROAR Fest

June was an incredible month for us as we joined the NFT.NYC event and unveiled exciting partnerships!

Our first night at Ascent Lounge exceeded our expectations — it was a blast with fun activities. We were also in awe to see so many members from The Pride join in on the festivities; 400 people made up one of the strongest communities present at NFT NYC!

Then, Lazy Lions made a BIG statement on June 21st during the Pride event in NYC! Our collab with Puma resulted in one of Puma’s most successful store activations ever — we printed custom t-shirts for attendees right at their flagship store. People were so enamored that many came back the very next day to get theirs due to the long wait lines.

Last but not least, we ended things off by getting together with 50+ Pride Members in a quieter setting where everyone could come closer and connect deeply over meaningful conversations. It was certainly an unforgettable experience overall!

This month we also joined forces with Kraken and Unstoppable Domains, letting even more people experience what it’s like being part of the Lazy Lion pride!

July 2022: Lazy Comics

At Lazy Lions, we’re bridging the gap between physical and digital assets with our NFTs. The first step into this adventure was the Lazy Comics.

Our partnership with Film Roman Animation Studio creators Mike Wolf and Guy Vasilovich saw us launch a thrilling comic book focused on Glitch (our Antagonist), and to celebrate this momentous event further, those who owned an entire set — i.e., a Lion, Cub & Bungalow — were rewarded for their commitment with an exclusive physical version of the comics. On top of that, a lucky few Pride members attending dinner at NFT NYC also received copies too.

We are committed to taking Glitch and the Lazy Lions’ storyline further.

August 2022: 1st anniversary and Metaverse concerts

In August, the Lions got to experiment with meeting in the metaverse for the first time on VRChat. The Lazy Lions emerged into the metaverse with a bang on August 13th — our first anniversary!

There we held an exclusive virtual concert, inviting our Pride members to explore a custom-built island while listening to 3 talented DJs: Tanja_V, AdhDJ_ and D4RKCIDE.

This one of a kind event was nothing short of incredible as hours flew by filled with energizing music. Our roar of success proves that we’re committed to making big strides in the metaverse!

September 2022: Lazy Series merch drop

Our first merch drop was a success and sold out on the first day in September. The Lazy Series One made a wave in our community.

Our dedicated Pride went wild for the nine bold apparel items and showed a clear preference for our hoodies and hats, which sold out in 5 minutes and 20 minutes, respectively. We’ve already seen great community-generated content with #LAZY hashtags — it’s only making us more excited to break into wider markets.

October 2022: Uniqly

October came, and with it, we took our digital-physical merge a step further. Lazy holders could, for the first time, see their IPs printed on a physical product, thanks to our collab with Uniqly.

For a limited time, you could have Lazy Lions, Cubs, or Bungalows printed onto exclusive apparel using their ‘phygital’ technology!

November 2022: World Cup Predictions Activation

November marked the start of an epic battle between international football teams as they fought for victory at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. But that wasn’t all — our community held its own competition in Discord, dubbed ‘The World Cup Predictions Activation’, to test who could make the most accurate predictions on each game and crown a winner by the tournament’s end!

After relentless cheering over 3 intense weeks, Argentina finally took home their winning title — but don’t forget that we had winners of our very own too!

  • 1st place: JusticeAlbatraoz — 84 points: Won a Lazy Lions Football Jersey signed by our founders.
  • 2nd place: MiladB — 76 points: Won a Lazy Cub NFT.
  • 3rd place: Tied -Macbuff and Stugots10.crypto — 74 points: Wins a Lazy Bungalow NFT.

We had a blast with this activation! Sharing our love for football with the community is priceless.

December 2022: Lions Den, Bungalow Activation, New years Competitions & Lazy Votes

For the last month of the year, we got in the festive mood and hosted a few exciting events for our Pride!

Starting with the second edition of Lions Den, which had the community decide on which project taking their LL IPs to business deserved the crown. Our two winners were Roaring Sauces and the Lazy Stream Team, both innovative community-generated projects that we were stoked about.

Near Christmas, Glitch decided to play a prank on the Lions, making everyone think that our Mascot had disappeared. Glitch left a series of clues behind, which gathered our community together to solve the mystery.

The bungalowner who solved it first was Hansel34#0249 and was rewarded with a full set of Lazy NFTs.

Our community rallied in unison to make a decisive call on whether resources should be invested into the Drinks Fridge Roadmap Item. After thoughtful consideration and votes in Discord, an overwhelming majority (87%), voted we shouldn’t pursue this activation anymore. So we decided it was not the best use of our resources.

Last but not least, as the réveillon comes near and every Pride member is counting down to 2023, we also hosted New Years’ competitions in our Discord channels. Join now!

Make sure not to miss the chance to win Lazy Cub and Bungalow NFTs. The Competitions end on January 2nd, 11:59 pm PT.

What 2023 has in store

We are all in the middle of a long and cold winter, but Lions don’t quit. Our team is passionate about this project and has a long-term plan to make the most out of it. Not to mention, we have an amazing Pride to support us all the way through.

In 2023, we will keep pushing the brand to innovate in the NFT space, empower our community, and make our ROAR heard all over Web3 and beyond.


I hope all the Kings and Queens had a Merry ROARmas! As the year draws to a close, it’s that time that we all typically reflect back on the months prior to assess how far we’ve come and what work still needs to be done. Inside The Lazy Lions Pride, it has definitely been a fun and promising 2022… but 2023 looks to carry our ROAR even further!

Last week we saw the reveal of an amazing tattoo design from King, @crypto_bartas! This marks the fourth Lazy Lions tattoo from our community and I gotta say… this one may be my favorite (even over mine 🤯). Congratulations, King- really amazing art! Wear it proudly.

As eye-catching as that is, I think all of our magnifying glasses are firmly planted on these four images:

The puzzles within #ROAR-THE-CLUE held the solution to a massive prize! A FULL SET OF LAZY NFTS! I’ve already seen some Pride members come up with smaller decodings, and yesterday we finally got our winner! Congratulations to Hansel34#0249 and all the other Lions who got pretty close to solving the mystery!

DDKing aka DDClause has announced the winners of his community-ran, Lazy Cubs and Lazy Lions giveaways! Thanks again DDKing for hosting the giveaways and a BIG congratulations to the winners!

The Lazy Hat Lounge hosted an awesome Lion, all trait, all 👑s, post-Christmas, Twitter Space on Tuesday!

ICYMI listen to the playback here and relax, have fun, laugh, and appreciate one another and the crazy year we’ve all had!

And finally, a big congratulations to our Discord Christmas Bot winners! I would be lion if I said I wasn’t happy that the snowball fight is over. RIP my notifications the last few weeks 😅

I’m really looking forward to all submissions for the Memes, Moments, and Content Creation Contest that’s currently live in Discord! There have been countless moments that stand out for me in 2022, but the relentless hard work and non-stop hours that you Kings and Queens have dedicated to making LL the loudest, proudest Pride in the land is definitely on the top of my list. I have no doubts that 2023 will be bigger than ever!



-AR, Community Manager