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3 min readApr 21, 2022


Kings and Queens!

It’s been 3 weeks since I officially joined the Pride and it’s time to give an update from our newly created Marketing, Partnerships & Brand team.

Last week, I was fortunate to spend time with Ashur, Nineb and Steve to participate in strategic planning for our collective future. We outlined a strategy for our organization (Blockchain Media), and solidified a long-term plan to build and support Lazy Lions through NFTs and beyond. We are committed to building a universe around Lazy Lions and everything we do from this point on will be with the intent of moving our story forward.

We have long teased you about our antagonist, Glitch!


Glitch is an ordinary lion but an exceptional gamer. One day, events transpire in his digital world that shift the course of his life forever. He befriends The Alchemist, and devises a cunning plan to go back in time so his younger self can stop the birth of the Metaverse before it is even conceived. Realizing Glitch’s plans, a brave group of Lions come together to summon the Pride and take special drinks that allow them to return to being Cubs. Our Cubs work together to try to stop young Glitch before he destroys the Web3 world we all know and love.

We’re excited to share Glitch’s full story, which will be told through an exclusive digital comic for Lions, Cubs and Bungalows holders coming at the end of May.

With this in mind, given our long-term strategy to produce our own stories and content, we and Storyverse had different visions on how the Lions story would move forward. We mutually decided to pursue separate paths, and we do wish the very best of luck to the Storyverse team!

We are now in development on our first short-form content, featuring Glitch, and we’ll premiere a trailer this June at NFT.NYC. As most of you know, I come from the entertainment business, and we have partnered with some exceptionally talented writers, artists, and animators to bring our Lions, Cubs, and Lionesses to life in a whole new way.

Finally, we’re planning our presence at NFT.NYC, including a special event for Lions holders. Our event plans are being finalized now, and we will share details of date/venue shortly. It’s going to be big, and we hope to see as many Kings and Queens in NY as possible! Look out for updates in Discord.

We hear fantastic feedback and suggestions from our community, and I am working hard on some major upgrades around communications and branding for both Lazy Lions and Blockchain Media. We’re bringing additional resources to the team, and you will start to see changes implemented over the coming days and weeks.

This next week will bring Cubs reveals, team growth, and one of my biggest priorities is diving deep into our strategic partnerships to plan Lions activations through the back half of this year. I led a number of strategic partnerships during my years at NBCUniversal, and I believe in the enormous value they can bring to a brand and a community.

I’ll sign off with big ROARs and a big thank you to our entire Pride for the wonderful welcome and support that I’ve received!