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5 min readAug 25, 2022


Kings, Queens -

Here’s another Lazy Lions update. Let’s kick things off with ROARwards…


This month’s ROARwards winners are…

27Z — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #4043

Airplane — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #3881

AJ1 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #845

Bridigidigi — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #6808

  • Crypto_nium — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #7574
  • CryptoFirefly — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #3097
  • DonCryptoBTC — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #6906
  • Dorodorota — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #9899
  • DubDiz85 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #9543
  • Dynomike — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #9561
  • ELKevino — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #923
  • JiggzT — Congratulations you’ve won Lion Cub #706
  • LeoR2D2 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #124
  • MekaDils — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #5584
  • TCP — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #7492
  • Thedibby — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #4967
  • MegaHz — Congratulations you’ve won Lazy Cub #692

Congratulations 👑 All prizes have been sent out.

Fanzo Interview

Did you catch Ash on the NFT 365 Podcast with Fanzo? They had a great discussion on how Lazy Lions came to be, building the community, and the future of the space.


We ended our birthday week with a community-hosted VRChat event in our Lazy Lions Private Island which was built by Arashi and his team as part of our community grant earlier this year.

Thanks to all who attended, we hope you had as great a time as we did. And thanks to Arashi for organising the event.

LFR with AR

Hey, hey everyone! It’s been a ROARing week inside the Lazy Lions community and I’m extremely proud of The Pride’s hard work and accomplishments.

First was the awesome turnout for Ashur’s appearance on NFT 365 with Fanzo. Thank you all that tuned in live or watched the replay after. It was a very informative interview with many good discussions on Lazy Lions and the future of NFTs. The community has been asking for additional podcasts like this and it’s definitely exciting to see more and more of these lined up! Check out the events tab in Discord for the details on the two additional, upcoming interviews.

We also saw the Kings and Queens of the community activate hard and ROARed the creation of @metabrewsociety’s “Roar Brew” into existence. The label features an awesome Lazy Cub and orders can be placed now! Great work to all those that helped this come about.

Shoutout to the Lazy Spanish crew, WoozyPelican, Wii_Mee, and Quit on working to set up a second “Security Mega Space” with Ledger and newcomer, RevokeCash. Details on this are still to come, but it is always amazing to see the Lazy Lions Pride rally around an idea and execute a successful ROAR… especially on an idea that will be very beneficial to the overall NFT community. Quit and Wii_Mee are the best of the best when it comes to NFT and smart contract security — add in the talented Lazy Spanish crew, Ledger, AND RevokeCash — this will be a can’t miss Twitter Space. Security is a priROARity!

Last but not least, we saw the first ever Lazy Special Drink consumed by King @alphayields!!! The unique 1of1 Lazy Cub that was generated is such a sight to see! Awesome, awesome stuff King and the entire Pride is excited for your new Cub.

Thanks again Kings and Queens for all that you do. We work hard. We ROAR hard. We Lazy hard. If you find yourself wanting to do more of the latter, check out the new #rumble-royale channel in Discord. It’s a small, fun game that is typically ongoing throughout all hours of the day. Collect gold, battle your fellow Pride members, and try not to die from a falling cucumber.

Keep doing what Lions do best!


-AR, Community Manager



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