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Lazy Lions Update #31

Kings, Queens

This past week we have seen LAZY series one drop and sell out. We also have this month’s ROARwards Giveaways winners. We held an AMA in Discord to update the community on the roadmap, and we also had another great Twitter Space with another project Co-Founder.

series one

LAZY series one
LAZY series one

This week we dropped the first items in the LAZY series one collection, which sold out in just over an hour on Wednesday, 21 September.

LAZY series one is a limited edition range of IRL collectibles, designed to push the Lazy Lions brand outside of Web3, to a wider audience. Read more about it here.

ALPHA: Look out for drop two on Wednesday, 28 September at 8am PT / 11am ET 👀

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AMA recap

Ash and Nine held an AMA session in Discord to discuss the status of the roadmap and get feedback from the community on the remaining items.

Listen to the recording here.

Twitter Space w/ BubbleGum Kids

On last week’s Twitter Space, Ash and Nine were joined by BubbleGum Kids Co-Founder, Oliver. It was great to hear about another project with an overlapping community and learn about their upcoming activities.

Listen to the recording here.

ROARwards Giveaway Winners

MTOP — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #9644

Mdrisc11 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #9512

Kodakwhite.eth — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #6587

Crammle — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #6452

CryptoFirefly — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #5510

Tottle321 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #4870

DubDiz85 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #1888

Eddie15 — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #1434

Msh2kor — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #789

Derrick — Congratulations you’ve won Lion #492

Mazen — Congrautlations you’ve won Lion #373

LFR with AR

I hope everyone is having a ROARing week and I hope you’ve been spending time doing the things you love with the people that mean the most to you.

The Lazy Lions Pride has been pushing hard and there were so many fun community announcements and engagements since last week:

LL Red Shirt Football Club’s physicalized merchandise with new partner LangleyFC, Lazy Sports Club and WoozyPelican’s Draft Kings fantasy football tournament, and of course all of the amazing community spaces from BCC to Lazy Spanish to PHAT Friday Freestyle.

But my favorite moment came down to its simplicity…

Lazy Lions.

Shoutout to Cryptoxican for starting this Tweet trend that set Twitter ablaze. It seemed like every single one of our 5.1k holders tweeted “Lazy Lions” at one point during this viral, grassroots campaign. Thanks to everyone’s effort, we managed to, yet again, become a trending topic on Twitter.

These unplanned moments where the community rallies just “for-the-fun-of-it” to do something entertaining that helps push the Lazy Lions name are always my favorites to watch unfold. Truly the gold standard of Web3 communities.

But the question remains…

Can “Lazy Lions” become the new “GM”? At the very least, the vagueness is enough to peak interest and maybe become the new “right click save” marketing tactic to infiltrate non-NFT Twitter. I think it’s something we should double down on.

Lazy Lions.

And ICYMI, the big Web3 news this week was the Ethereum merge from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. While the NFT world was busy talking about Vitalik Buterin, his dad, Dmitry Buterin, was busy name dropping Lazy Lions on a recent podcast he was a guest on. A Lion holder and a true King.

I hope everyone has a great week and I hope to see you in some community spaces! Keep pressing forward. Keep the momentum. Keep the positivity. Keep the ROAR. And we will all feast.


-AR, Community Manager



Lazy Lions is a collection of 10,000 unique, programmatically generated NFTs. There are currently over 5000 unique Lazy Lions Kings and Queens (owners) that make up one of the most powerful communities in the whole Web3. Learn how we’re building innovation in this space 🦁

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