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Kings, Queens — Here’s another round of updates! Let’s kick things off with the ROARwards giveaway winners for this month.


This month’s ROARwards winners are….

Koung.Eth — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #3174

Disko_Leopard — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #3175

Noy — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #3177

Greegles — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #3349

SaysAdam — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #3353

DanceBiteth — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #3351

Woozy_Pelican— Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #7446

Dubs — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #6059

Garry — Congratulations! You’ve won Lion #6683

Twitter Space with Bulls and Apes

On last week’s Twitter Space, Ash and Nine were joined by Anthony — co-founder and Gary — Chief Strategy Officer of Bulls and Apes. Listen to the recording below to hear more about founders supporting founders, royalties changes, alt revenue streams, and Web3 regulation.

Lazy Lions x Bulls and Apes Twitter Space

LFR with Aaron

GM, GN, and Lazy Lions.

It’s been another ROARing week with so many new Lions and Cubs joining The Pride! No matter the market, the Lazy Lions community is holding strong as we get closer and closer to a new all-time high of unique Lion holders! Get those Diamond Paws, 👑s! LFR!

The community continues to impress while connecting with each other via all the amazing sub-group spaces. Whether it’s Fact or Cap with Black Cap Crew, DraftKings with Lazy Sports Club, NFL Survivor Pool with Galaxy Gang, or just vibing with the Straw Hat Beach Club- The Pride has you covered!

This week we also saw an amazing collab between The 3d Kings and Roaring Sauces! The awesome debut of Bungalow BBQ Sauce comes with a free pair of 3d glasses AND that label and box art has me seeing double! Such a great initiative and a stunning way to deliver value to your fellow community members… all the while, building on your IP and pushing the overall LL brand to the masses. Very well done!

I have so much respect for those that show up daily and in your own way, support the community. Posting, re-sharing, hitting #priROARities, running spaces, friendly chats in Discord or simply pressing like on any Lion Tweet you see- it all adds up and it all goes such a long way.

This week we also opened up The Community Directory as a way for Lions and Cubs to continue to connect and deliver potential value to fellow Pride members. Be sure to check out more info here:

We have some hyped community events and activities coming in the next few days, so be sure to keep an eye out and join in on all the fun! Until then- stay strong, be Lazy, delist or get ****** 😉, and LET’S F’N ROARRRR!!

-AR, Community Manager



Lazy Lions is a collection of 10,000 unique, programmatically generated NFTs. There are currently over 5000 unique Lazy Lions Kings and Queens (owners) that make up one of the most powerful communities in the whole Web3. Learn how we’re building innovation in this space 🦁

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