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4 min readNov 22, 2022


Welcome to another round of updates. Let’s kick things off with some ROARwards winners!

ROARwards Winners

This month’s ROARwards winners are…

CPAGoneMad —Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #9993

Namahs —Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #9586

busybee8124 — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #8888

YouLikaDaJuice.eth — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #8077

Vaski — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #7317

AlexPDream — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #4360

TC — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #3578

superbars — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #3437

padavfc — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #2006

World Cup Predictions

In the spirit of the World Cup, we’re hosting our very own World Cup predictions! Submissions went live a few days ago in Discord, however, you can join in on the fun at any time.

Join our Discord for full details on how to enter and the prizes available to be won.

LFR with AR

LFR, Kings and Queens!! It’s been another exciting few weeks to be a part of the loudest, proudest, Pride in the land. Seeing so many new members joining, while watching those “Whale Alerts” come in is always exciting!

Of course the World Cup is on the main stage right now and there are many activities within the community to join in on the fun. From above, the Lazy Lions team is running an official competition and giveaway with some awesome prizes (who is winning that signed jersey 👀). So be sure to check out Discord for more information!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! King WoozyPelican, Wii_Mee and The Lazy Sports Club sub community, all have awesome competitions and giveaways running. But wait there’s more! Thanks to MegaHzNFT and the 👑s over at Galaxy Gang, you can throw a jersey on your lion to rep your team throughout the entire World Cup.


Don’t worry, if sports isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of community highlights to ROAR about:

-King Cryptosheep and @NFT2PrintCom have irl toys of your Lions now available!

- The Black Cap Crew just hosted an awesome Twitter space with the Pudgy Penguins’ founder!

- More information on this coming, but ICYMI here’s something fun:

And as always-

It’s great to see the ongoing, constructive conversations happening inside Discord concerning the potential updates to certain Roadmap items and marketplace changes. If you haven’t had a chance to let your voice be heard, head into the proper Discord channels and share your thoughts and opinions. Every voice matters, as the founders look to continuously grow the Lazy Lions project for the better! We all appreciate the ideas & feedback and we can’t wait to ROAR louder into the future.

Keep the ROAR alive, Kings and Queens. Keep up the hunt. And we will all feast!




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