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5 min readDec 1, 2022


NFT Fest 2022, World Cup, Lions Den & more!

NFT Fest 2022

Last week the founders Ashur and Nine attended NFT Fest 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. The founders had the opportunity to connect with other Web3 project founders who are building cool shit and met with Lazy Lions holders who attended the event. The team has said there’s always something special about meeting the community, and it’s always a surreal experience.

Ashur took the stage on two different panels on the final day of NFT Fest 2022, first talking about Lazy Lions and what it takes to be a founder in Web3 before wrapping up the day with a panel on self-custody and the importance of Web3 security.

Ashur — Talking about what it takes to be a founder in Web3
Ashur — Talking about the Lazy Lions origin story
Ashur — Talking about self-custody and Web3 security

Over the last year, the founders have attended events such as SXSW, NFT.NYC, NFT LA, and now NFT Fest 2022 in Melbourne. There is a lot of value to gain from attending such events, and the team will keep a keen eye on any events that make sense for Lazy Lions to have a presence at.

World Cup Predictions

World cup prediction games, who doesn’t love them? This is a reminder that we’re still hosting our World Cup predictions game in Discord, and you can join in at any time! Be sure to submit your predictions to enter the running to win a signed Lazy Lions Jersey from Ashur and Nine, amongst other prizes for second and third place.

Join our Discord for full details on how to enter and all the prizes to be won.

Note: The competition's winner will receive their signed jersey in Q1.

Lions Den

If you haven’t seen yet, Lions Den is back and better! Previously on Lions Den, we offered projects the opportunity to pitch their ideas on how they would like to collab with Lazy Lions. This time we’ll be offering the opportunity to community members who are currently doing or want to do really cool shit with their IP and providing them with a grant to activate their ideas.

As a community member, you will pitch your idea to a panelist of judges for an opportunity to win a $1000 grant. This time, there will be four contestants and two winners of the $1000 grant.

To register your interest as a contestant for Lions Den, complete the form below.

Submissions close Thursday, 11.59pm PT.

For full details on Lions Den, join our Discord

Lazy Votes

We’re currently hosting an important vote regarding changes to our marketplace channel in Discord. 🗳

If you hold a Lazy NFT and you’re yet to vote, jump into Discord and have your say.

LFR with AR

I hope everyone in The Pride is ROARing strong and to the US Kings and Queens, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Inside or outside the US, there are plenty of things for us all to be thankful for and when it comes to the Lazy Lions, I am most thankful for every single one of you. It’s no secret “the community is the project” and every week, we see the creativity evolve.

The sub-community for horned-trait Lions, @HornieLions, dropped a single on their “Roar Radio” YouTube channel. “Like a Rose” is an entertaining and chill tune for the entire Pride to relax to. Creations like these are always some of my favorites- when community members integrate their irl interests into their LL IP, creating something of value for the entire Pride to enjoy. Keep it up! 🤘

Check out “Like a Rose” here:

Our very own King, D_Wots, has also been churning out awesome content for community members via his art team, Wots Creative Studios. We’ve seen Kings like SuprSyn, DDKING, and Wood start to tell stories of their Lions using these creations. Storytelling is one of my irl hobbies and is always one of my favorites to see. I hope The Pride continues to push their creativity and we see more of these stories in the coming weeks.

As mentioned above, Lions Den is back and better than ever- delivering direct value to winning community members via grant initiatives to fund your Lazy Lions-IP driven endeavors! I hope as many people as possible take advantage of this awesome opportunity. If you have always had an idea to incorporate your Lion into a project you’re passionate about, but have only needed the funds to get the ball rolling… now is your chance! Maybe you want to make a cool app for The Pride to enjoy, maybe you want to start a bumper sticker biz featuring your King, maybe a short animation, maybe a craft beer- put together a plan, submit to the show, and prepare for The Lions Den!

We have already seen IP creativity from the community with art, sauces, gin, toys, music and much more. Now that we have so many more active and imaginative sub-communities, I’m extremely excited to see what the contestants may have in store! Good luck to all those that apply!

Let’s keep the ROAR rolling on socials and Discord. Let’s keep welcoming the new Kings and Queens. And let’s keep doing what we do best- being the biggest, most welcoming, and helpful Pride in the land.

-AR, Community Manager