Lazy Lions Weekly Update #6

Kings, Queens — welcome to another round of weekly updates! This time — METAVERSE!

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6 min readNov 25, 2021


Our own Private Island in Sandbox

We’re serious about the metaverse and exploring everything it has to offer. It’s so intimately tied with digital ownership, which is why we’re all here together — to explore the possibilities of web3.

That’s why we’ve decided to purchase a 3x3 plot in Sandbox.

Initially, our plan was to purchase land using the community wallet. We had some questions about what the community wallet was used for that we wanted to first clarify, and it’s also become a core focus for us as we head into 2022, so we’ve decided to purchase it using dev funds. This further goes to show how serious we are about the metaverse.

As it stands, our plans are to grow our presence in Sandbox & we may purchase nearby land. For this reason, we won’t be sharing the coordinates yet.

Our goal is to build out an experience for all our community members to enjoy. Expect to see a lot more updates on the Metaverse moving forward 😏

Our Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values

We’ve developed and refined these with input from members of the community to ensure they resonate with everyone, not just the dev team.

The purpose, vision, mission, and values are important as they help guide us as we reach for our overall goal. Everything we do, and every decision we make, ultimately needs to tie back to these.

So here they are…

Lazy Lions Purpose: To explore the possibilities of web3
Our purpose is to explore the possibilities of web3.

Purpose (why we exist)

The purpose of Lazy Lions is to test everything that Web3 and the metaverse have to offer and explore all the possibilities it provides. We believe Web3 is the way of the future, and we want to be at the forefront as it continues to evolve.

Lazy Lions Mission: Empower people to enter and thrive in the NFT space
Our mission is to empower people to enter and thrive in the NFT space.

Mission (what we do)

Empower people to enter and thrive in the NFT space.

We provide everyone the opportunity to enter (and feel comfortable in) the NFT space, regardless of their background or current understanding of Web3. We provide them with a network of like-minded individuals who will encourage and empower them to explore the world of Web3 and NFTs.

Lazy Lions Vision: The world’s largest NFT community
Our vision is to be the world’s largest NFT community.

Vision (the future we create if successful)

The world’s largest NFT community.

A community that is focused on building real relationships and empowering each other to explore everything that Web3 has to offer.

Core Values

Lazy Lions Core Value: Community is the project. Project is the community.
Community is the Project. Project is the Community.

Community is the Project. Project is the Community.

A shared interest and a common goal.

We help build human connections over a shared interest in Web3 and the metaverse, connections that extend beyond NFTs and into real life. Our project is driven by the passion and input of our community members, who help drive the vision.

Lazy Lions Core Value: We’re all 👑’s.
We’re all 👑’s.

Everyone is treated like royalty.

Not only is every member of our community equal, but they are also all treated like Kings and Queens. No single lion owner is better than the other. Our community is an inclusive environment that is safe for everyone regardless of gender, race, background, etc.

Lazy Lions Core Value: Roars over floors
Roars over floors.

Roars over floors.

Long term goal over short term numbers.

We have trust in the process and we don’t let numbers and FUD get in the way of the long-term goal. We don’t pay attention to negativity and don’t let that affect our passion for the project.

Lazy Lions Core Value: The bigger the jungle, the bigger the kingdom.
The bigger the jungle, the bigger the kingdom.

The bigger the jungle, the bigger the kingdom.

When NFTs win, we all win.

We’re helping to build not just the NFT space but the entire Web3 space. As the entire industry grows, so too does Lazy Lions. We don’t compete with or put other projects down; we support them because we believe when one of us wins, we all win.

Lazy Lions Core Value: ROAR together
ROAR together.

ROAR together.

We learn together and teach each other.

We support each other and provide a safe and inviting learning environment for everyone, no matter their level of understanding of the space. We want to encourage the entire world to learn about NFTs and blockchain technology.

Lazy Lions Core Value: Lions lead, sheep follow
Lions lead, sheep follow.

Lions lead, sheep follow.

We’re always looking to innovate.

We don’t just do the same old thing; we always look at ways to improve on the status quo. We test new ideas and push the boundaries to help move the space forward.

Lazy Lions are now available on Nifty Gateway

In order to increase exposure and be accessible to more people, we believe it’s important to have Lazy Lions listed on a number of selected marketplaces.

Nifty Gateway is a marketplace that allows purchases to be made using fiat currency directly through the website.

We believe this is a great opportunity to access a new market of people who aren’t as familiar with using cryptocurrencies, wallets, etc., allowing them to join the Lazy Lions community.

In other news…

Collectibles dApp

We had an incredible reaction to our Thanksgiving-themed Collectibles dApp release. Over 1500 active members joined us! This winner of the giveaway will be chosen on the 30th & announced in next weeks update. Please ensure you have the complete set in your wallet & have connected to the dApp at least once.

As a reminder, this is the first of many more updates to this dApp. We are also working on introducing alternative ways to earn packs.

Lazy Lions Den

Thank you to everyone who submitted their applications for the Lazy Lions Den.

We’ve now reviewed all the applications received so far and are in the process of selecting the pitches for our first event.

The date for the first official Lazy Lions Den event will be announced in Discord once the pitches have been locked in.

In the meantime, new applications are welcome for future events.

Current Giveaways

Both the Instagram Giveaway and Bungalow Giveaway are still running. Both will close at midnight on 30 November (PT).

ROARwards Payouts

Those who hadn’t received their ROARwards for the month of October, and completed the form, have been officially paid out.

Community Wallet

We've had a few questions about what the community wallet will be used for. To date, we’ve used it to purchase Lions & Bungalows to fuel community events . The intention was always that it’ll be used for a variety of things that ensure the longevity of this project. As we’ve moved into voting on updates, it’ll now mainly be used to fund that. As mentioned previously, please note, not every update that comes from Lazy Lions will be put through a poll.

See you next week! ROAR



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