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11 min readNov 6, 2022


As we come toward the end of 2022, it is an excellent time to review the roadmap, recap the key achievements, and provide an update on the remaining items.

The iconic Lazy Lions 2022 Roadmap. What a sight.

Buckle up, it’s been a big year — this is a long article!

We’ll be going through all the roadmap items one by one, with a status update on each.

Note: The ‘completed’ status is only in the context of the 2022 roadmap. For example, in the cases of items like partnerships, the expectation is that we will continue to further activate with our partners where it makes sense for the project.

Basketball Ring — April 3rd


We were ecstatic to meet some of you Kings and Queens. You may be from different parts of the world, but you gathered at the Golden 1 Centre as a Pride. As part of our initiative to show the world what we are about, we partnered with the Sacramento Kings to give away 100 free paired tickets to the Sacramento Kings vs. Golden State Warriors game on April 3rd. Along with the tickets, we also gave 5 lucky winners in our community $1,000 for flights and accommodations!

This historical moment was not only the first time an NFT PFP project was ever showcased in NBA history but also a show of the strength of our community and what we’re capable of. Hear us ROAR.

Sacramento Kings — Twitter
NBA — Lazy Lions x Sacramento Kings on the Jumbotron!
NBA — Lazy Lions centre court with our community

Puma, Kraken, & Unstoppable Domains (i.e. Still to come: Future collabs, Partnerships collabs) — June 21st


We realized we wanted to bring more IRL collabs and partnerships to the Pride. So what started as a small part of our roadmap quickly became one of our most significant partnerships… Enter Lazy Lions x Puma! On June 21st, the Lazy Lions hosted the most successful activation at Puma’s flagship store in NYC. The Kings and Queens who attended the event could get their Lazy Lions custom printed onto a Puma T-shirt!

It was such a ROARing success that many of you had to come back the following day just to get your custom T-shirts. Puma was only one of many other collabs we had.

We also collab’d with Kraken and Unstoppable Domains to bring even more exposure and rewards for the Lazy Lions community.

Puma — Twitter
Lazy Lions — Twitter
NYC Puma Flagship store — Every customer today learnt more about Lazy Lions
NYC Puma Flagship store — Lazy Lions on the big screen!
NYC Puma Flagship store — Lazy Lions x Puma

Lazy Cubs — May 18th


On May 18th, we launched one of the year’s most anticipated NFT drops: Lazy Cubs. This drop had been on everyone’s mind since our initial launch, and we were so happy to be able to finally present the collection. To make it even more special, every Lazy Lion holder at the time was airdropped a Lazy Drink (gas covered!).

Each Lion Cub would have the same traits as their OG Lazy lion with a twist. When you combine the Milk NFT with your lion, it transforms into a young cub. However, you get a teen cub when the Juice NFT is used instead. Many of the Pride held on to their Milks and Juices and continue to do so. With over 3000 unique holders, we were delighted with the new community members who entered the Pride.

Lazy Cubs announcement dropped on Twitter.
Lazy Cubs drop date — May 18th
Lazy Cubs — Generation
Lazy Cubs — example of a full set

ROARwards+ (i.e. Regular menu) — May 10th


We’ve implemented regular menu items on our roadmap that show the activities we host within the community on a regular basis. Some of these activities include Medium articles and biweekly spaces to inform the Pride on updates and news. ROARwards + was passed through Lazy votes, where our community decided uniformly for the change. After which, ROARwards + transformed into a monthly pickup of Lazy Lions NFTs that was given back to the most loyal holders of the Pride.

ROARwards — winner
ROARwards — winner

Stan Wawrinka — January 30th


Stan Wawrinka is an immensely successful tennis player, with 3 Grand Slam titles to his name. He’s also an avid fan of NFTs, and oh, did we mention a member of the Pride? Lazy Lions collab’d with Stan’s NFT collection Ballman Project.

He offered the Pride whitelist spots and two racquets signed by Stan Wawrinka himself. Congratulations to the winners, and see you on the courts!

Stan Wawrinka sharing the Lazy Lions 2022 Roadmap on Twitter
Stan Wawrinka — Signed Tennis racket
Stan Wawrinka — Signed Tennis racket

Lazy Comics (i.e. story game) — June 23rd


Teaming up with Film Roman Animation Studio creators Mike Wolf and Guy Vasilovich, we launched the first comic book in our series that explores the lore of Glitch (Our Antagonist). With the help of Mike and Guy, we designed, produced, and launched the debut of the Lazy Lions.

The NFT copy was available to all Pride members who owned a complete set of Lazy NFTs (a Lazy Lion, a Lazy Cub, and a Lazy Bungalow). Pride members who came to our dinner at NFT.NYC were also given a physical copy of the comics.

VIP Dinner — Lazy Comics available for all who attended
VIP Dinner — Lazy Comic for attendees

LAZY Apparel Collectibles (i.e. Collectibles) — September 22nd


On November 18th, we launched the original Lazy Collectibles collection. To receive a pack of two collectible NFT cards, you had to refer a friend to join the Pride on Discord. If you collected the complete set of 8 cards within the collection, you would be entered into a raffle for giveaways. We have since evolved the Lazy Collectibles collection into the IRL LAZY Collection. LAZY is an exclusive collection of IRL apparel items and collectibles. Later on each individual IRL collectible will be assigned a proof of authenticity token (An NFT)

Lazy Collectibles — Homepage
Lazy Collectibles — Cards
LAZY Apparel — About
LAZY Apparel — Collection

Lazy Votes October 15th, 2021


We successfully implemented Lazy votes on October 15th as a way for us to involve the community as a whole in some of our major decisions. We wanted to ensure that everyone has a voice in the Pride. We have made several significant changes, such as ROARwards +, additional whitelist spots, more frequent Twitter spaces, and changes to the marketplace within our Discord. We plan on continuing Lazy Votes to get community input and feedback.

Events March 12–15th (SXSW), June 20–23rd (NYC)


It’s been an incredible year filled with events for the Pride. We had a blast at SXSW from March 12–15th and then again at NFT.NYC from June 20–23rd.

This year’s SXSW at Austin Convention Centre was especially exciting as we kicked off the event with Ashur, our Co-Founder, doxxing himself live on stage! This was the first time ever for the Pride to see the Lazy Lion’s Co-Founder. On top of the doxxing, he also went on stage to talk about Lazy Lions and the 2022 Roadmap. After the event, we hosted a community get-together at Upstairs at Carolines bar and patio with food and drinks provided by the team. We were thrilled with how much love you Kings and Queens showed the founders.

Check out this video of the SXSW meetup!

Our first time at NFT.NYC blew our expectations out of the water. On the event’s first night, we had a great time at the Ascent Lounge filled with fun, drinks, food, and laughter. The founders were over the moon to meet so many of you Kings and Queens. The Pride numbered 400 strong and was one of the strongest communities that came to NFT.NYC.

Our second day at the event consisted of our Puma collab where community members could print their Lazy Lions NFT on a custom Puma T-shirt. According to Puma, it was their most successful activation at their NYC flagship store.

Finally, our last day was a definite favorite of ours, as we got to sit down in a more intimate and quiet setting with our Pride members and learn about each and every one of you over a VIP steak dinner. Everyone who attended was given a free Lazy Lions T-shirt and a physical copy of our Lazy Lions Comics #1, along with the dinner. Needless to say, the Pride had a blast!

Austin Convention Centre — Ashur doxxing on stage for the first time.
ROAR Sign — Ascent Lounge
Lazy Lions community at Ascent Lounge, NYC

Metaverse Expansion — August 13th


Lazy Lions is exploring multiple avenues as we set our footprint into the metaverse. With VRChat, we explored the private island with the Pride and also had a custom Lazy Lion mascot in use for VRChat, but we aren’t stopping just yet… The team has been working tirelessly at building an entire mini private island in Sandbox!

VRchat — The Private Island

Whitelists — February 4th


While we’re super selective about who we collab with, we want to provide great whitelist opportunities on projects that we believe you Kings and Queens would love. We’ve given our Pride members whitelists to some projects like Onchain Monkeys, Bulls and Apes, and Ballman Project.

Metaverse concerts — August 13th


On August 13th, the anniversary of the Lazy Lions, we had a week packed full of exciting activities. One of the events we hosted was an exclusive metaverse concert in VRchat. Our Pride members explored the private island built in VRchat, along with enjoying music from three different DJs. Our metaverse concert was a ROARing success as our 3 DJs: Tanja_V, AdhDJ_, D4RKCIDE played for hours.

VRchat — DJ stage
VRchat — Outdoor stage

Lion Sanctuary — February 3rd


It saddens us to hear the fact that the wild lion population has been decreasing year after year. On Feburary 3rd, the Lazy Lions donated to the Born Free Foundation for the year of the lion. We wanted to bring awareness to the decline of vulnerable wildlife, and we are more than proud to be able to do our part in saving animals. We sponsored two lions, Angela and Louga, who are part of the big-cat sanctuary in Eastern Cape, South Africa. In addition, the kind folks at the Born Free Foundation offered all Lazy Lion holders a VIP tour of the sanctuary as a show of their appreciation!

Born Free Foundation — Twitter

Uniqly — October 28th


We collab’d with Uniqly to provide custom NFTs that can be redeemed for physical and digital goods. There’s an ongoing opportunity to print your Lazy Lion, Cub, or Bungalow using Uniqly’s ‘phygital’ NFTs.

Get your Lazy Lions printed on a Uniqly shirt

Uniqly — Twitter


Status: In Progress

Christmas activation for Bungalowners — what could this be? and will Glitch leave the Lazy universe in peace during the holidays?! 👀


Status: In Progress

Lazy Lions purchased Land to be used in Sandbox, with development underway in recreating the Lazy Lions Private Island in 3D voxel!

Note: there is currently no public ETA on Sandbox’s release.

Sandbox — Lazy Lions Avatar (Work in progress)
Sandbox — Lazy Lions Cabana Bar (work in progress)


Status: In Progress

Lazy Lionesses enter the Lazy universe!
Note: On track to be completed, yet will be released post-2022 when it provides most value to the community and project.

ROAR Token

Status: In Progress

The token that unites the Lazy universe and beyond.

Note: Currently under development, will be released post-2022 when it provides most value to the community and project. We will be monitoring regulatory developments and make adjustments as required.


Status: In Progress

What does this resemble? Is it only a Fridge, or is it more…? 👀

In discussion with potential partners. The current plan is to activate before EOY, but may flow into 2023.

Reserved Seat

Status: In Progress

Who could this seat be for…?

In discussion with potential partner. The current plan is to activate before EOY, but may flow into 2023.

Signed shirt auction

Status: In Progress

Exclusive signed shirts, available for auction.

In discussion with potential partner. We may replace this with an alternative item for 2022.

Lions Den

Status: In Progress

Lions Den is coming back! The idea has changed slightly, this time open to community members looking to build their IP.

Community discussion & poll

These are items that due to external changes outside of Lazy Lion’s control, make it no longer as rewarding for the project.

As seen above with the vast majority of Roadmap 2022, and even roadmap 1.0, we stand strongly by upholding our promises to the community. Hence, why instead of just removing these items, we will be holding a discussion with holders to see the best steps forward.

There’s an active discussion happening now in the Discord with a detailed explanation from the founders. Join Discord now to be part of this conversation.

Blockchain Game announcement

Status: Community Discussion & Lazy Poll


This item is being reviewed with a community Discussion & Lazy Poll. Learn more on Discord.


Status: Community Discussion & Lazy Poll

Exclusive NFT drop on Coinbase’s NFT Marketplace.

This item is being reviewed with a community Discussion & Lazy Poll. Learn more on Discord.

Kings, Queens — We’re almost at the end of 2022, and it’s incredible to look back and see all the progress that we’ve made as a community/project.

Looking forward to completing the year strong!