18. Mistake

Avoid one by making one

Unsplash.com by Andrew Robles

I think I made quite a mistake back at work yesterday. There’s a process that requires me to check on something and pass it to the next guy. And I held the hot balls longer than it’s supposed to be. My manager seems worried, but he’s a great manager. He told me that it’s gonna be fine. Just do this and that and thing’s gonna be okay.

I did. I fixed it. Now all is well.

My biggest fear in life is to disappoint someone. Next one is death.

It’s true. That face of disappointment really makes me worried. Soon after I fixed it, I do everything accordingly. I fasten my pace, I need my teammate to know that they can rely on me.

It’s my target to be an asset for the company in my first three month of working. They gotta see that they’re lucky to have me around. I don’t wanna be just another guy in the division. Plus, I really need to have more bargaining power to renegotiate my salary.

The thing with mistake is, you’ll have some. However you tried not to, it’s gonna come to you soon enough. But there’s a beauty of it.

Without mistake, I’m wouldn’t know what’s supposed to be. Without mistake, I wouldn’t know the right way. Without mistake, I’m not gonna be better. My motto is “What’s next?”. With question mark. It means that I’m need to always challenge myself and be better.

Without taking some step backward, it seems like I won’t go forward further.