31. It Was a Fun Fun Day

Half day on the desk, another half on the road

Unsplash.com | David Marcu

It was a usual morning. I get to my desk, and work what’s on my list. Not a single problem.

Until about 10, my boss told me there’s an urgent task. They needed me to do a survey to find a certain product for our upcoming expedition to the Carstenz Pyramid in Papua. It’s gonna be good, the expedition.

So they needed me on the road today. It was fun, since I love riding. I ride here I ride there. Until at this point I realize how tired I am. God damn.

So I’m going to my hometown tomorrow. Avoiding the traffic. You see, we call it Mudik Season. Mudik means going hometown. We indonesians do it like once a year. Now here it is. This is the time where people are everywhere. Everyone from the big cities like Jakarta go somewhere else. At this point you might think that it will be deserted, empty, but you’re wrong. Jakarta will still be crowded as hell. Amusement park will not be that amusing because it will be full as fuck. Roads will also be full as fuck. That’s why I’ll just go tomorrow, I guess.

I still got to go to work in the morning. But we finish early at noon. So I guess I’m gonna prepare my bike for the, 5 to 6 hours ride, pack all the luggage on, and ride it to work in the morning, and go hometown at noon. It will be tiring, but if you know me, my stamina when traveling is endless. So,

Wish me luck.