#5 About the Work

There’s still very few people know what I do. So I’m kinda eager to share about it.

Unsplash.com by Bench Accounting

I’m an idealistic person. I’ll admit it. But is it bad? not really.

I’m very picky about the job that I wanna have. I gotta understand the field, I gotta be passionate in the industry, and I gotta have a certain level of respect for my employer.

People said to me that my idealism will thin out in a while. Well, this whole time, it didn’t. My idealism cost me six months of unemployment. Those six months were miserable.

I’m basically a productive person, I always wanna work on something. But those six months were very unproductive. I tried to be so, but really, there’s not much to do at home.

Oh, and those six months I spent in my parents’, and I’m a lazy person only around my parents (it’s kinda weird but, I think I know why). Look I’m not trying to blame anyone else. It’s all my doing and I blame myself and I hate myself about it. But it’s all ended, five days ago.

All that six months paid off. About three weeks ago I’ve been informed that I finally hired for this amazing company. This company make adventure gears like jacket, boots, tents and carrier for mountaineer, adventure rider and traveler. In fact, we’re the market leader here in Indonesia.

You see, I’m an adventure rider myself. Adventure has been my passion for quite a long time (you could check out my instagram @ads.adv). I’ve been hopping from one hobby to another, too much perhaps, but adventure is the one that makes me passionate about.

And now, I have the opportunity to work on the field that I understand, In the industry that I really passionate about, in the company that has my full respect, and plus, in a beautiful city which I’m familiar with, but not too far from family. All my checklists are, forget about the checklists, I’m getting it all!

I told you in my journal before that this company gives its employees a ton of responsibilities. Or maybe it’s just my part, I don’t know. After they briefed me about my responsibilities I was like, “Okay, that’s a lot to do”. But at the very least is I understand what they’re talking about, and that’s what wanna do in my career. I want “that” kind of job.

Of course they told me, “You’re not on your own, we’re a team we’re gonna help you. And you just came here today, there’s still a lot to learn” which boost my confident. I just need to keep up.

The knowledge gap between me and my coworker in the same position is… GODDAMN!

Well, he’s been working there for a while but… GODDAMN!

I never realize that the job upon me as a new comer, in my first job is this much. It’s quite overwhelming, but I remind myself every time, this is what I wanna do. I always remind myself about it. I am excited about this. I will learn about it. But I will need them to be patient on the process, because I wanna be good at it.

And I will.

Look, I’m sorry if you don’t get ‘anything’ from this. These journal is mainly for myself anyway. But I’m trying to give values for my readers, if I have some. And I’m sorry for the inconsistency with my format. I’m still trying to find the most suitable one.