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Kill-switching Imperfect Flows—A Case Study

Because sometimes it’s better to nip potential issues in the bud, than try to mend a user’s broken trust

Apps sometimes have less than perfect flows — often due to factors beyond our control. Our KYC (Know Your Customer) flow is a good example of this.

Oops, indeed

When in doubt, flip the switch🕹️

We also added cute, 3D illustrations to make the screens more fun

Detailed, directional, delightful🌟

A few examples of detailed, directional, delightful errors in the KYC funnel

In total, we compiled 17 different error screens that covered a variety of error states.

So what have we learnt, kids?

Once the new error screens went live, we saw a significant decrease in funnel drop-offs, along with a reduction in KYC-related customer care escalations.



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