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Installing python 3, pip and boto3 on centos docker

Here are the steps to install python 3 on docker.

  1. First download the appropriate docker image:
docker pull centos

2. Start the docker container:

docker run -it -name boto3-centos centos

The -name parameter ensures that the container has the name boto3-centos . You could name it whatever you find reasonable

Install GCC compiler and other dependencies for python:

yum install gcc openssl-devel bzip2-devel libffi-devel zlib-devel -y

4. Download python 3.7.x:

curl --output Python-3.7.9.tgz

5. Extract the tgz file

tar xzf Python-3.7.9.tgz

6. Install Python

cd Python-3.7.9
./configure --enable-optimizations
yum install make -y
make altinstall

7. Verify the version of python

python3.7 -V>> Python 3.7.9
rm /usr/src/Python-3.7.9.tgz

Install pip:

yum -y install epel-release
curl --output
pip -V

Create a virtualenv

python3.7 -m venv my-venv

Activate the virtualenv

source my-venv/bin/activate

You are in your own virtual env and doing a pip freeze should give you an empty list

If your project has a set of python libs it needs, then add it to a requirements.txt file. Below is an example of the contents of requirements.txt with only boto3 as a necessary package


Install your packages in the virtual env

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now when you do pip freeze you will see boto3 and all its dependencies installed

Alternate versionyum update -y[root@a32ad429b1bb Python-3.7.9]# yum install python3Failed to set locale, defaulting to C.UTF-8Last metadata expiration check: 0:51:13 ago on Sat Oct  3 05:24:50 2020.Dependencies resolved.================================================================================Package             Arch   Version                             Repo       Size================================================================================Installing:python36            x86_64 3.6.8-2.module_el8.1.0+245+c39af44f AppStream  19 kInstalling dependencies:platform-python-pip noarch 9.0.3-16.el8                        BaseOS    1.8 Mpython3-pip         noarch 9.0.3-16.el8                        AppStream  19 kpython3-setuptools  noarch 39.2.0-5.el8                        BaseOS    162 kEnabling module streams:python36                   3.6Transaction Summary================================================================================Install  4 PackagesTotal download size: 2.0 MInstalled size: 7.8 M

If you wanted to do this in a repeatable way, use the following Dockerfile:

Dockerfile for building image with python, pip and boto3

Copy the contents of the above and save it as Dockerfile . Then,

docker build . -t python-pip-boto3:0.1.1
docker run -it python-pip-boto3:0.1.1

You will now be inside a terminal running the in the container. Since the above dockerfile installs boto3 facilities for you, you can now use it in the python shell in the docker container:

[root@f81c0a1e50c3 tmp]# pip freeze





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