LBank AMA Recap — with TokenTuber, DCN, CBM and BURN
Dec 16, 2019 · 9 min read

On December 10th 2019, we had 3 of the projects in the LBank Listing Voting Competition who took part in a special AMA on the LBank Exchange Telegram Channel.

On December 13rd 2019, we have one more project also took part in an AMA. And we have compiled a summary of all questions answered during the AMA in this article. Enjoy!

Part 1 — — TokenTuber

Q: Can you please briefly introduce TokenTuber?

David Zhou (TokenTuber): TokenTuber is the first video platform for blockchain industry novice and crypto traders using token economy, with the mission of trying to lower the barriers to entry for novices and create mass adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Q: What’s TUBER’s tokenomics and what is the utility of TUBER?

David Zhou (TokenTuber): TokenTuber will reward all platform contributors in what we call “Action Mining”. So whether its content creation, content discovery (upvote), or content curation (report of inappropriate videos), all contributors will be rewarded in TUBER.

We also designed a unique feature called “The Investment Game” where users can invest in videos they like using TUBER, the invested videos will be pinned in the TOP category for 24 hours, thus increasing videos’ exposure. Users who invest will have a chance to earn TUBER if there are follow-up investors who invested in the same video. Details of this Investment Game can be found in our whitepaper.

Q: Does TUBER have any competitors and what are the competitive edges?

David Zhou (TokenTuber): We don’t have any direct competitors yet since our initial mission and vision is different compared to other video platforms, but indirect competitors are video platforms using token economy with content across all industries, and they are looking to disrupt and replace YouTube. However, TokenTuber will collaborate with YouTube instead of competing, and we will redirect all these video links back to YouTube.

We believe TokenTuber has 3 main competitive edges that will help us succeed and keep the competitive edge in the industry for long term.

First Mover Advantage: The first competitive edge is that we have the first mover advantage positioned as the video platform in the blockchain vertical. This niche market can only allow 1–2 players in the vertical and currently there are no direct competition. Once scaled up, our platform will be able to maintain user loyalty, first brand advantage, and will have accumulated a large amount of user data, etc., making it difficult for new imitators to compete.

Team Experience: Our team has a diverse international background and entrepreneurial experience creating content platforms. Our team had previous success in building tens of millions of users base in previous startup that’s also content based platform. Our first viral marketing campaign for TokenTuber has generated near 200k views after 1 month of first viral marketing campaign, “Crypto Holder Quiz”,, see image of 1st campaign result.

Valuable Content: Because of our platform is positioned as a curated video platform, so content compared to YouTube and other video platforms will be much higher, and in return the high quality content will attract more users, and then large user base attract high quality KOLs.

Q: What are the plans for the TUBER in the next few months?

David Zhou (TokenTuber): After our first successful viral marketing campaign with “Crypto Holder Quiz”, we will try to duplicate the success with the exchanges who are in our Exchange Alliance. More exchanges will be added to this Exchange Alliance in the coming months. The questions of the quiz are designed with the exchanges, we hope that all crypto holders have the necessary knowledge before they begin trading.

The next big viral marketing campaign we are planning to launch in the coming month is our Blockchain Handbook product which aims to educate newbies. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Our product is in the process of optimization to allow scaling of millions of users to visit our website. The most exciting feature “Investment Game” and the closed loop of our token economy will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2020.

Operational wise, we are planning to partner with more YouTube KOLs and have them featuring their videos on TokenTuber. Currently, we are only listed on Hotbit exchange, and we are looking to list on a few other top tier exchanges like LBank and we need your support to make that happen. Our plan is to reach 1 million users by end of Q2 in 2020. See the milestone image below.

Part 2 — — DCN

Q: Can you please briefly introduce the project DCN?

Petar (DCN): Certainly. Dentacoin is the first blockchain solution for the global dental industry, aimed at improving dental care worldwide and making it affordable by fostering a network of patients, dentists, suppliers that act in mutual interest. The project’s goal is to reinvent the way oral health and dentist-patient relations are handled by introducing a prevention-focused assurance model, an industry-specific currency and various blockchain-based application for better patient engagement.

Q: What are the incentives for the token holders of DCN?

Petar (DCN): Dentacoin incentivizes both the doctor and the patient within the network through the dedicated blockchain-based tools. For example with Dentacoin Assurance patients are entitled to life-long preventive care in exchange for small monthly premiums paid directly to the dentist, who earns a steady flow of passive income. Some of othe other tools reward patient engagement for leaving reviews, contributing market research data and following healthy dental care habits.

In exchange for the patient contributions, dentists receive valuable data they can use to improve their practice, while patients can spend the tokens they earned within the ecosystem — for dental products and services, exchange to other currencies, giftcards and others.

Q: What kind of technical advantages does DCN have compared to the other competitors?

Petar (DCN): As of now, we have no direct competitors on the market to compare to. However, we believe that our main advantage lies in having the in-house competence to offer a real use case and introduce blockchain efficiencies to dentistry. Unlike many other projects, after just two years of existence we already have four up-and-running products — DentaVox market research, Trusted Reviews, Dentacare Health Training app and Dentacoin Wallet, with two more in beta versions — Assurance and Jaws of Battle and even more in the pipeline. Those are used by 90K+ users and 1.8K+ dental offices worldwide, while the currency is accepted for payments by 95+ providers.

Q: What are the plans for DCN in the next few months?

Petar (DCN): Currently we are working on the second version of Dentacoin Assurance — which is currently available on testnet; the healthcare database whose concept prototype is created and now the technical development follows; as well as the child version of Dentacare — Jaws of Battle, which is scheduled to be released in March 2020. Additionally, we are also on the way to cooperate with a software development company, in order to introduce a full-service dental practice management system that supports Dentacoin invoicing and payments. A custom Dentacoin Hub for dentists is planned for introduction ext year, as well. With these released we will be even further in connecting every aspect within the dental industry from patients through dentists and all the way to their suppliers.

Part 3 — — CBM

Q: Can you please briefly introduce CBM project?

Artem Orange (CBM): Sure. CryptoBonusMiles is a universal bonus miles platform with loyalty multi-wallet. It helps to save on travelling even more, by adding CBM reward points to standard airline loyalty programs. CryptoBonusMiles expands Aeron solution to the mass market for millions of people who have ever flown, bringing convenience to the air travelers.

Q: Can you please tell us about some of the the incentives for the token holders of CBM?

Artem Orange (CBM): CryptoBonusMiles users are rewarded with native reward points (CBM tokens). A user gets CBM tokens for all activities on the platform, which accrue together with airline bonus miles. These tokens serve as extra rewards that flyers will be able to use on discounts for flight tickets or products at partner shops. It is tightly integrated with Aeron, offering extra benefits for Aeron (ARN) token holders. A platform user can earn even more CBM tokens through the referral program.

Visit to experience that live, join and earn extra rewards in your favourite airlines loyalty programs.

Q: Can you please tell us of technical advantages of CBM compared to the other competitors?

Artem Orange (CBM): CryptoBonusMiles has competitors as online airline loyalty program aggregators, which however don’t offer additional benefits to the users in universal exchangeable bonus points (CBM tokens). CBM cooperates with AwardWallet, the global leader in rewards management and integration of the loyalty programs:

CryptoBonusMiles advantage is that it offers an API solution to make the airline loyalty programs and bonus miles of different airlines convertible to crypto and other bonus miles or extra benefits, thus enabling to unlock miles from within proprietary loyalty programs.

With hundreds of millions of commercial airline passengers, and over 150 significant airline loyalty programs, the market potential is terrific.

Q: Can you please share some future plans for CBM?

Nadya (CBM): Hello everyone! I am responsible for Aeron/CryptoBonusMiles public relations.

At present CryptoBonusMiles (CBM) is at the final stages of integration with the major airlines. Ultimately over 150 airlines will be supported with truly global coverage. Discounts will be introduced into the booking flow in our CBM Shop and other features are being added. Fly and claim CBM rewards.

Part 4 — — BURN

Q: Can you pls briefly introduce your project BURN?

Bee| BlockBurn Admin (BURN): Hello everyone, I am Bee, a member of Blockburn team. Blockburn project was propounded to enact a better store of value and equipped with an anti-inflationary architecture to help combat inflation induced depreciation.

BlockBurn is a unique cryptocurrency that self-destructs a portion of its supply whenever a transaction is made, It was invented to solve the recurrent cases of oversupply in the cryptocurrency market, BlockBurn has a Total Supply of 2,000,000 BURN with 2% of every transaction amount burned immediately after each transaction.

Q: What are the incentives for the token holders?

Bee| BlockBurn Admin (BURN): Thank you. With all the lmilestones proposed by BlockBurn team, there are lots of benefits for supporters. With the launch of our decentralized application coming up in Q2 2020. This app has four features which include staking, read and earn, wallet and lottery and we are currently in the process of developing a gaming Dapps. With the aforementioned milestones, we hope to increase the usability of BlockBurn token thereby making it a utility. The features of the app would encourage user participation which in turn would facilitate Mainstream adoption of the blockchain.

Q: At present, there are many similar projects in the market. What technical advantages do you have compared with other operators?

Bee| BlockBurn Admin (BURN): When we came into the scene there several other deflationary project and we can say that our technology has kept us in this space while others are non-existent. The advantages we have is the ability to make a deflationary token a utility token through the use of our decentralized app which will be launched soon and gaming dApp. Now, we have several partners willing to use burn token as a payment method for our “read and earn” and gaming features at launch.

Q: What plans do you have for the development of the project?

Bee| BlockBurn Admin (BURN): We have a newly developed Roadmap for 2020. The decentralised application is currently being developed and the gaming company kick-started the development few weeks ago. As regards development, we are actively developing the project and marketing blockburn in this space.

Free Questions

Q: What are the biggest challenges you expect to face and how do you plan to overcome these challenges?

David Zhou (TokenTuber): The biggest challenge for all content platforms + token economy is fake accounts and bots that come do “mining” to claim reward, and we are designing over 10 ways to block them. Also we try to reduce the amount of reward for users rather than give users a whole lot at the beginning, we are not so concerned about numbers looking pretty, we need real users who can come and learn and contribute to our platform.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to bringing more AMA’s to the LBank Community!

Q:Hello Mr @artemorange I saw a huge potential for CBM, actually what should you do to grow this CBM, and why everyone in here knows that CBM should win listing on Lbank?

Artem Orange (CBM):We hope that CBM community actions and vote to win LBank listing for CBM.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to bringing more AMA’s to the LBank Community!

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