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LBank: Create and Trade your NFTs on LBank NFT Market

The centralized NFT trading platform has officially gone live on LBank for users to create, sell and collect marvelous NFT artworks!


LBank NFT:

Currently, LBank NFT trading platform has two sections, namely Marketplace and Auction Market. The marketplace is where users can buy the NFT artworks they like at the set price, while in the Auction Market, users will bid for it with an opportunity to win 10% of the price spread as a reward. The bidders’ payment for auction will be frozen until a higher bid comes up or the auction ended.

The creators may keep their works labeled until the buyer finishing the payment.

How to upload NFT works to LBank NFT?


  • Log in
  • Choose ‘Public’
  • Upload your work and set the price and payment crypto (LBK or USDT). Complete details with name and description. Click ‘Confirm’ and wait to be approved.
How to post your NFT works
  • Under approving. Your NFT works will be posted on the Marketplace for sale after successfully approved.

Auction Market

  • Upload your work and choose ‘Auction’. Set the starting price.
  • How to generate returns in LBank Auction Market?

Both bidders and the author will get 10% of the auction price spread as rewards.

Your auction payment will be unfrozen immediately after another bid comes up. Meanwhile, you will get 10% of the price spread as a reward when the next buyer makes the bid.

Reward Mechanism




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