Class Overview — 12/1/16


During class we went over linking pages together. Essentially you just reference a different HTML file in the same directory as you index.html. So <a href=”about-me.html”>Link Title</a>

We went over slideshows and popup models. I had forgot that I sent over a bunch of links a few weeks ago with the mosaic layout and pop up functionality, so reference that for more details.

Also got a couple questions about how to change styles in CSS on a specific page. One of the best ways to do this is by giving the body a class. For example, you’ve created your About page and want to change the body text size. If you generically increase the font size on all paragraphs that might mess up you homepage and work page, so you give the body tag of the about-me.html page a class ( <body class=”about-me”> </body> ). Then in CSS you can call out the .about-me p and it will know to look for any paragraphs contained in a class of about-me.


Only 2 weeks left, really need to kick it into gear. I would rather not have to do much work on the last day of class, mostly just review what we’ve done and have fun. So get your pages worked out and styled as best you can. Send me lots of emails for help and we’ll get these ready to present on the 15th.