LCX Announces Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange

(Vaduz, Liechtenstein — August 15, 2018) — LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, will soon launch services including crypto custody, a professional trading platform for security tokens and other cryptoassets, and an international fiat to crypto exchange.

The platform and services being developed by LCX shall open the cryptocurrency markets to institutional investors, hedge funds, family offices, and high net worth investors. These professional investors have had limited access to cryptoassets due to concerns over regulatory compliance, security, and liquidity. By adding professional investors to the trading ecosystem some analysts predict an opportunity worth upwards of USD 1 trillion.

Liechtenstein, a small AAA rated country bordering Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, has recently made headlines for announcing the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, which shall be enacted soon and provide comprehensive market friendly regulation for an entire token economy as well as the long sought legal certainty.

The Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein has already approved three Alternative Investment Funds for Cryptoassets this year. Several Liechtenstein banks have made a strategic decision to offer crypto-banking services with the same high standards as their traditional banking services, which are not available to retail clients.

LCX was founded by two experienced serial entrepreneurs with the support of several financial institutions, bringing three key success factor together: proven technology, secure legal framework and a powerful financial backbone. CEO Monty Metzger, an internet veteran and acclaimed thought leader on the future of digital. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Max K. Wang, founded two cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia, where he led the technical development.

Monty Metzger, CEO of LCX

LCX has also secured several high-profile advisors including:

- Don Tapscott: A leading authority in blockchain and author of bestseller “The Blockchain Revolution”

- Jimmy Wales: Founder of Wikipedia

- Dr. Shoucheng Zhang: Professor in the Departments of Physics, Applied Physics, and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, Chairman at DHVC (Danhua Capital)

- Mario Frick: Former Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein

- Yat Siu: Founder & CEO of Outblaze

- Miko Matsumura: Co-Founder of Evercoin, Venture Partner of Bitbull Ventures, Investor at Pantera Capital

- and others.

This group of internationally acclaimed thought leaders, influential industry leaders, and experienced entrepreneurs are long-term business contacts of the management team of LCX.

This week (August 17th, 2018) LCX is inviting to the inaugural LCX Blockchain Session. The first event will be with Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance), Monty Metzger (CEO of LCX) and be moderated by Michael Arrington (Founder of TechCrunch and Partner at XRP Fund). Register here for the event

LCX Blockchain Session (August 17, 2018) —


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About LCX

LCX — Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange — will in several consecutive phases provide an exchange made for professional investors offering crypto custody, an advanced trading platform for security tokens and other Cryptoassets, and an international FIAT to Crypto exchange as a joint-venture with a leading crypto-exchange.

LCX operates and offer its services under the existing regulatory framework of the Principality of Liechtenstein and will also comply with the announced Liechtenstein Blockchain Act, once in force.

LCX will roll out its business in several phases and intends to obtain a MIFID II license in accordance with the Liechtenstein Banking Act and further licenses under the Blockchain Act. While conducting its business LCX will take all required efforts to comply with existing Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations applicable for the regulated financial market and thus will meet highest market standards.

LCX is operating in Liechtenstein, a AAA-rated center for banking and finance located in the heart of Europe. The government has worked for more than two years on legislation that will take a holistic approach by defining all aspects of the blockchain industry and building the legal basis and legal security for an entire token economy.

This means that professional and institutional investors will finally get the opportunity of a fully compliant and trustworthy way to participate in the most important emerging asset class.

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