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LD capital launches LD Capital X, a $200 million distributed fund cooperated with investment partners, dedicated to investing in Web 3.0 entrepreneurs

LD Capital announced the establishment of LD Capital X, a distributed fund cooperating with 20 reputable GP investment partners to promote Web3.0 endeavors with an annual investment scale of 200 million US dollars. LD Capital X will operate in a distributed, transparent and open fund model to cooperate with a wider range of reputable GPs and LPs to support more Web3 entrepreneurs.

The fund cooperates with both institutional investors and investment GPs in the form of joint investment and joint management, participating in each step of the investment from identifying great teams, investing in disruptive Web3.0 projects, to post-investment management, with fully committed goal of expanding global network, investing with purpose and enhancing post investment service capabilities in order to form greater ecological cooperation, and adhere to longer-term value investment.

LD Capital is a leading crypto fund who is active in primary and secondary markets, whose sub-funds include dedicated eco fund, FoF, hedge fund and Meta Fund.

LD Capital has a professional global team with deep industrial resources, and focus on develivering superior post-investment services to enhance project value growth, and specializes in long-term value and ecosystem investment.

LD Capital has successively discovered and invested more than 300 companies in Infra/Protocol/Dapp/Privacy/Metaverse/Layer2/DeFi/DAO/GameFi fields since 2016.

website: ldcap.com
twitter: twitter.com/ld_capital
mail: BP@ldcap.com



LD Capital is one of the earliest VC institution in Asian blockchain realm. We focus on scouting and incubating novel projects by giving them supports on financing, marketing, in-depth thought leadership building and IOT.

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LD Capital

We are one of earliest VC investors in the Blockchain field in Asia. We focus on : Innovation projects within finance, games, content publishing and IOT