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Local Digital Collaboration Manager, Tom Lowndes, in front of a fly-tipping site in the countryside.

Council Spotlight: How the Task Smart App is helping councils to tackle more than 160 common tasks

  • delivering recycling equipment
  • graffiti removal
  • moving abandoned vehicles
  • ground maintenance
  • dealing with deceased animals
  • play site inspections
  • the ability to capture data at point of first contact (‘capture once’)
  • more efficient services
  • transparency of service delivery
  • seamless reporting on trends, behaviours and analytical insights that will help improve local services
  • a reduction in the use of paper
A fly-tipping site next to a farm field in the countryside.

Identifying the problem

  • park maintenance
  • fly-tipping, graffiti and other environmental nuisances
  • recycling and waste collection
  • beach hut inspections
  • tree and other natural resource management
  • fraud and risk inspections

Moving into private beta with support from the Local Digital Fund

How the Task Smart application works

  1. Google maps out the boundaries for the Borough of Colchester
  2. The App complete an address record check using the local gazetteer
  3. The Local Land Property Gazetteer is exported weekly into Dynamics
  4. Latitude/longitude are converted into Easting/Northern sidings
  5. The nearest street record is returned
  6. If outside the borough, the application advises the customer by returning an error message, as only “in-Borough” addresses are supported
The success message that is shown to the customer once they have submitted a request.
  • fly-tipping will be removed within 48 hours of reporting
  • graffiti will be removed within five working days of reporting
  • offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours of reporting
  • dirty or hazardous jobs will be handled within 24 hours of reporting
  • abandoned vehicles will be visited with five working days of reporting
  • grounds maintenance response will be within 10 days, with works taking place within 5 days

Getting ready to launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Follow the project’s progress



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