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Cyber Sprint Notes #4

Covering 23 March -17 May 2021

Welcome back to our Cyber Sprint Notes, an opportunity to catch up on the progress of the Local Digital Collaboration Unit’s Cyber team.

Cyber Health

Since our last update in March, the Cyber Health team has:

  • created a prototype that shows the value of a single framework, which will allow local authorities to assess their cyber health and view any risks and gaps
  • completed 35 research sessions across 29 councils
  • created a ‘To Be’ Service Design that describes the end-to-end experience for users, and identifies integration points with other standards
  • held initial discussions with other government agencies and cyber security specialist groups regarding closer collaboration on cyber health, including integration and exemptions

They have also been preparing for the project’s Alpha Assessment and created documentation to support the assessment.

Cyber Support

Support sessions

During April, the Cyber Support team conducted 11 cyber support sessions, each within the context of each council’s needs and covering a range of cyber focus areas.

Support artefacts

We’re continuing to work on creating artefacts covering the 7 key areas of cyber security. The artefacts are based on best practices, support and guidance, as well as the remediation needs of the council cohort that participated in the cyber workshops.

The artefacts will soon be available on a shared public site for all councils to access.

Cyber Clinics

We’ve held a series of weekly Cyber Clinics on topics that are directly linked to the workshop findings and the needs of the participating councils, as part of our work to enhance their cyber health.

Past Cyber Clinics include:

  • 26th March — Logging Made Easy
  • 9th April — Conditional Access Policy
  • 16th April — M365 backup — why bother?
  • 23rd April — Offline backup
  • 30th April — MFA for on premise
  • 7th May — Password & identity protection
  • 14th May — Exchange on premise — after migration

Artefacts from the clinics will soon be available to all councils on the same site as the support artefacts.

Cyber Treatment Plans

We’re continuing to provide support, guidance and hands-on assistance to councils to implement their Cyber Treatment Plans.

We’ve now held a Cyber Treatment Plan progress review with all 26 of the council cohort. Significant progress is being made, with a focus on the high priority area of Backups.

We’re currently planning additional progress reviews with the councils to further assist with remediation and cyber enhancement.

Join the Cyber show and tells

If you work in a national or local government agency and would like to find out more about our work, come along to our upcoming show and tells:

  • Cyber Health: Friday 21 May, 11:30am — 12:00pm
  • Cyber Support: Friday 28 May, 11:30am — 12:00pm

Click here to request joining details. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for reading! For more Cyber news and events, be sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the cyber newsletter.



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