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Cyber Sprint Notes #5

Covering 18–31 May 2021

Welcome back to our Cyber Sprint Notes, an opportunity to catch up on the progress of the Local Digital Cyber team.

Cyber Health

The Cyber Health team completed their Alpha Service Assessment on 19 May. This gave us an opportunity to present our work during the Alpha phase to peers from other digital teams, including what we learnt and what we plan to do next. The assessors use the Government Service Standard to suggest any changes or make recommendations for how we might be able to improve our work. You can read more about service assessments in the Government Service Manual and we expect to receive the report soon.

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) roadmap has been developed, which shows the work that will need to be completed in the next phase.

Preliminary work on the private beta phase has also kicked off, so come along to the next show and tell on 18 June to find out more.

Cyber Support

This sprint, the Cyber Support team conducted Cyber Clinics for:

  • Advanced Threat Protection overview
  • Active Directory toolkit — with enhancements

We’ve selected 3 new councils to take part in further exploration of their cyber posture based on their answers to the Mitigating Malware and Ransomware survey.

We also held project briefings and workshops with two of those councils, and produced reports ready for collaborative review and agreement. A briefing took place with the third council and a workshop has been scheduled.

Join the Cyber show and tells

We’re changing how we run our show and tells, and you must now register to attend upcoming events on Eventbrite.

You can now register for the following confirmed dates:

  • Cyber Health project: 18 June, 11:30am — 12pm
  • Cyber Support project: 25 June, 11:30am — 12pm
  • Cyber Health project: 2 July, 11:30am — 12pm

If you work in a national or local government agency and would like to find out more about our work, visit the Eventbrite page to register. We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for reading! For more Cyber news and events, be sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the cyber newsletter.



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