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Cyber Sprint Notes #6

Covering 1–14 June 2021

Welcome back to our Cyber Sprint Notes, an opportunity to catch up on the progress of the Local Digital Cyber team.

Cyber Health

The Cyber Health team is continuing with preliminary work on the private beta phase, while we wait for feedback and recommendations from the Alpha Service Assessment that was completed on 19 May.

In line with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) roadmap, we have completed development of the login and registration, and undertaken research with 5 councils to test the usability and efficacy of the login and registration journeys.

We also tested the intuitiveness and scope of the framework question topics and presented useful insights from the sessions back to the team.

Engagement on Service Design with the Public Service Network team has kicked off and will continue into the next sprint.

Cyber Support

Cyber Treatment Plans

The Cyber Support team is continuing to provide support, guidance and hands-on assistance to councils to implement the Cyber Treatment Plans.

A second Cyber Treatment Plan progress review with all 26 of the project cohort is currently being scheduled, and we’re asking the councils to contact us to book a session between 5 and 16 July 2021.

Additional engagement with councils

This sprint, we engaged with four more councils for a detailed view of their current cyber position. These will follow the existing process, which is to participate in a collaborative workshop resulting in a cyber report, followed by a cyber treatment plan for remediation.

Support artefacts

We’re still working on putting the cyber support artefacts into a format suitable for a shared public website, which will be available for all councils to access.

The artefacts are based on best practices, support, guidance and the remediation needs of the council cohort participating in the cyber workshops.

Join the Cyber show and tells

If you work in a national or local government agency and would like to find out more about our work, register to attend our upcoming show and tells.

You can now register for the following confirmed dates:

  • Cyber Support project: 25 June, 11:30am — 12pm
  • Cyber Health project: 2 July, 11:30am — 12pm

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks for reading! For more Cyber news and events, be sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the cyber newsletter.



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