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Sprint notes #17

Covering 11–24 November 2020

Welcome back to our team sprint notes!

C-19 Challenge Showcase Series

The series kicked off on 19 November with the theme ‘Guidance on new ways of working during the crisis’. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and a special thanks to our guest speakers from the Future Work Design, Digital Inclusion Toolkit and Digital Place Based Engagement projects.

If you missed it, we’ve published a recording on our YouTube channel so you can catch up on all the action. You can also view the slides.

Don’t forget to register for the next two events!

The first C-19 Challenge Showcase on 19 November


The Cyber Support team have devised a method of engaging with the key councils identified from the Mitigating Malware and Ransomware survey in February. We are inviting councils to a short briefing to understand the purpose and scope of the workshops.

We are asking 3 initial ‘Alpha’ councils to give us feedback on the service, which will help shape the engagement for the following 19 councils.

During this sprint, we have:

  • started the Alpha briefing sessions, using a ‘test and learn’ approach
  • scheduled 14 out of 22 briefing sessions with councils

Join our Cyber Catch-ups

As part of our commitment to working in the open, we will be hosting regular virtual ‘Cyber Catch-ups’ in a show and tell format. You can request joining details and find out about upcoming Cyber Catch-ups on our website.

Funded projects

The Reducing Invalid Planning Applications (RIPA)

The RIPA project has been carrying out further user research to test a user journey for proposed developments that needs a Certificate of Lawfulness. They have also been iterating the prototype and held their 12th show and tell (see recording and slides), followed by a workshop to look at what needs to be done to move into private beta.

The RIPA prototype

You can read more updates from the past few weeks in their latest project blog post.

A tweet from the RIPA project.

Back Office Planning System (BOPS)

The BOPS project held its private beta kick off, during which they workshopped risks, hopes and fears, and other items that will help them to get off to a good start. They’ve also started meeting with the RIPA project to ensure alignment on the technical side.

The project has been working on a feature that allows multiple councils to access the system, and also ensuring that the GOV.UK Notify branding is set up correctly.

They held a meeting with the project delivery partner, Unboxed, to define roles and responsibilities, as well as meetings with Greenwich and Camden councils to show them the system.

The project will be doing regular show and tells, with the first taking place on 8 December. Follow the project on Twitter and check out their website for regular updates.

The BOPS project kick off session.

Open Community

The Open Community project is in the process of procuring a delivery partner for the beta phase of work. They expect to appoint an agency by mid-December. Meanwhile, they have been building relationships with the Data Standards Authority (based in GDS) and are beginning work on their monitoring and evaluation framework.

LocalGov Drupal

The project has just revealed a mission patch for their alpha work — a graphic that truly captures the times!

A tweet from LocalGov Drupal

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