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Sprint Notes #44

Covering 17 February to 2 March 2022

Welcome back to our Sprint Notes! This sprint, we’ve been busy planning our upcoming regional roadshows and welcoming a new team member. Read on to find out more and catch up on all the latest from our funded project teams.

News from the team

Join us for the Local Digital North West Roadshow

After two years, we’re excited to be getting back out on the road again!

The team will be travelling around the country for a series of one-day, regional roadshows, starting on 16 March in the North West.

Having been awarded new multi-year funding, we want your help to inform our work for the coming years. Each roadshow will consist of interactive workshops and breakout sessions as well as networking opportunities with the Local Digital team and other councils.

Dates and venues for the remaining roadshows will be announced very soon, so stay tuned.

Find out more and register for the North West Roadshow

Meet our new team member

Please join us in welcoming Pippa Driver to the team!

Our new Comms Lead, Pippa.

Job title: Communications Lead

What do you do?: I support our Local Digital and Cyber teams to promote events, training and funding opportunities to local government. I work with councils and partner organisations to showcase their projects, promote successes and share best practice across our channels.

Contact email: Pippa@localdigital.gov.uk

Currently based: I’m based in Shrewsbury but will be working from the DLUHC office in Wolverhampton.

From: Suffolk

Background: I have worked in both private and public sector communications, delivering behaviour change campaigns, strategic engagement and events. Most recently, I worked for Westminster City Council as a Strategic Communications Manager.

Where I can be found outside work: I’m a keen runner and hiker. Living so close to Wales, I’m spoilt for trails and am working on my hill running after 5 years of living in a much flatter London!

Food I couldn’t live without: Peanut butter — it goes with everything, sweet and savoury.

Funded Projects

Don’t forget you can find information on all of our funded projects, including those mentioned below, on our website.

Data Exchange with VCS (Camden and Bedfordshire Councils)

During their seventh sprint, the Camden team has:

  • delivered a first draft of the Camden Insights website as well as a clickable prototype
  • analysed the user testing findings, which has led them to pivot their plans for the Food Mission Data Hub
  • created storyboards for the Food Mission Data Hub to use in the final round of testing
  • began work on the final testing discussion guide
  • began work on the final project report

Meanwhile, the Bedfordshire team onboarded Deidre Longe into their hybrid Delivery Manager / Business Analyst role.

Digital Waste Service (Rugby Borough Council)

The project has been busy sharing a number of updates and blogs posts on their website over the last two weeks:

A tweet from the Digital Waste Services project on Twitter.

Future Work Design (East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and The Stationary Office (TSO) sent out an eBulletin to 100,000 HSE contacts nationally to introduce the new Stress Indicator Tool that the project created.

They are holding two webinars to talk about the new developments and demo the tool in action, which the Future Work Design team are also contributing to. Anyone is welcome to attend the webinars:

HSE already has eight organisations paying for licences to use the tool, and 32 quotes out. The quotes include NHS Trusts, councils, universities, fire and rescue services, a major UK airport, and a large central government department.

Around 60% of these quotes came from previous webinars, and so it’s great to see that over 370 people are currently signed up to the March webinar!

The eBulletin sent by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to introduce the new Stress Indicator Tool.

Local Gov Drupal (Croydon Council)

The project featured in a dedicated blog post on drupal.org, written by Annertech, one of the eight suppliers working within the LocalGov Drupal community.

To date, 24 councils have adopted — or are in the process of adopting — the codebase. The latest Steering Group Meeting focused on the detail behind the business model and the different options for fee structures.

Low-code solutions for housing management (Redbridge Council)

The team held a Show and Tell on Wednesday 23 February that was aimed at an audience of Redbridge Housing Officers. Getting this group of users to give up their time for user testing is essential for the project.

During the Show and Tell, the project went through the last two weeks of design, research and development. This has centred around the digital ‘worktray’, which is the starting point for a Housing Officer’s day. They took us through the journey of how evidence could be collected, verified and automatically assigned to the right case.

The team are now in their final two-week sprint, which marks the end of the 12-week Alpha development.

Offline Data Input Tool for Field Workers (Birmingham Council)

The project held a Show and Tell to share their progress from Sprints 8 and 9, as they are now 85% of the way to delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

During the Show and Tell, the team also talked about:

  • their efforts to follow GDS Guidance on accessibility
  • how the business teams engage with stakeholders
  • what steps they have taken to build generic functionality for re-use across the council services
  • how the Integration Team have been testing the MVP with one of the key incumbent systems supplied by Northgate

A recording of the Show and Tell will be available soon.

SEND top-up (Bristol City Council)

The team held their end-of-Sprint 12 tool demo on Monday 21 February, and you can watch a recording on our YouTube channel.

During Sprints 11 and 12, the team has:

  • completed three user demos for the SEND Coordinators (SENDCos) and planned the one-to-one user testing sessions
  • made the provision pages live and updated the summary page with the ability to remove a selected provision
  • begun work on the automation test builds with David, the automated tester
  • started refinement for costs within the application

They have also added the ability to download a PDF for the MVP launch, which will allow SENDCos to attach the assessment to the current application process. During the next phase, they will investigate how the assessment can become part of the whole application process, which will improve the end-to-end process.

The team is currently looking into GitHub and making their code shareable. They are also setting up a production URL that will allow them to release the tool for testing.

A planning session has been arranged for early March so that the team can plan their priorities for the Phase 2 sprints, once the beta MVP has been released.

Task Management Tool for Neighbourhood Services Staff Working in the Field (Colchester Borough Council)

In a recent project meeting, the team looked at early designs for the MVP using the Microsoft Power App tool, Canvas.

They ran through the ease of designing components that can be rapidly iterated into a prototype interface design, based on wireframes created in MS Word.

The three local authorities involved in this project (Colchester Borough Council, Tendring District Council, Maldon District Council) all use the Microsoft Enterprise system. This could make design, development, testing and iteration a quick and effective process, enabling the rapid development of tools to meet their user needs.

That’s it for this sprint, thanks for reading! For the daily download on all things #LocalDigital, be sure to follow us on Twitter.



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