le dédale kanata: about | fellowship

Un. Le Nom | The name

Kanata is, by some sources, the Iroquis/Huron root word from which Canada got its name. Le dédale is a French synonym for labyrinth. There is no doubt that our current landscape is a labyrinth of sorts: Reality vs. Perception, Objectivity vs. Subjectivity. This project is a group “meegweetch” to those helping us navigate this labyrinth. It takes a village and we are a village.

Deux. Que? / Pourquoi? | What? / Why?

This project is inspired by a few sources:

1. The MacArthur Fellowship
2. Uncharted Journalism Fund
3. Awesome Foundation
4. Open Journalism

But fundamentally, this project exists because of a need. The first recipient is for both of us a benchmark for whether we are doing important and necessary work. There is more news-y-ess than ever before and our inaugural fellow exemplifies a motto close to our heart; there are some people who don’t wait.

They are at the frontline and working at a grassroots level, using their camera as a witness for truth and sharing it freely. Given the nature of our industry and labyrinths they are least compensated. $$$ is important for food + rent + equipment.

We are raising $1000 through citizens who care about journalism for this two-strings-attached journalism Fellowship. We will test out this model for three months and then decide future steps. Two strings are:

1. whoever is selected for the Fellowship shall have a thorough in-depth profile written about them by us;

2. if the project continues into something past them, they will help us guide its narrative.

Trois. When? | Quand?
The first cycle runs for three months, November — February, with the fourth month spent assessing the goal, the process, and a path forward. We intent to support this Fellow in some capacity or another until their work is done. Hopefully it won’t take us our entire lives. (Our hypothesis: It will)

Quatre. Who? | Quand?

The project is funded by private citizens who are paying in increments of 20$ and upwards to meet the $1000-dollar mark for three months.

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