What’s the best way to invest $5K when you are in your 20s ?

I love reading questions like :

  • “I’m 20 and I have $10K of savings, what should I do with it ?”, or
  • “I just got my amazing MBA from Just Another Random Business School and I’m unemployed, what should i do next ?”, or (and that was me)
  • “I have a startup idea that will change the world (no, no, for real, I’m working on the business plan!), should i learn how to code ?”

I am what they call “a scanner” = I have 10 ideas a day and can’t concentrate on one. If you have a business background you understand what I’m talking about !

You have a great idea
You google it. Damn! it still doesn’t exist ! Amazing, you’re sitting on gold
You check Product Hunt everyday (like… 10 times a day) and finally, 6 month later, COOL ! Someone did it
Yeah, but that’s not you. It’s someone that understood that there is no space for wantrepreneurs, but only for MAKERS

You’ve got to become a M.A.K.E.R !

What are your excuses not to make your ideas come to life ?

  • You don’t have a tech partner
  • You don’t know how to code
  • You don’t have founding

I had the same excuses before, and many more. I read a lot, like everything about startups, 10 times.

But I forgot One thing

The ONE thing that changes you from Wantrepreneur to MAKER :

Take a fucking dev bootcamp !

I promise i tried everything, from books to online courses, meetups, etc

The only great solution is to move your ass and start coding with a group and teachers !

I’m currently attending to @Lewagon and that’s just what you need :

  • A place you commit to go everyday
  • A team of genius teachers
  • A group of motivated buddies to push you

If you have great ideas but never made it become real, don’t think that’ll change with more readings, videos, or online course. Commit yourself, invest in yourself, and you’ll finally become a maker.

currently in Paris

PS : one more proof that a dev bootcamp is the only way to become a maker : I wanted to write on Medium for ages, and I start today.